Create Open Spaces in a Small Room

Dining room in Villa Branco


A room may appear to be of a regular size when it’s newly made and is completely raw. But as soon as you fill that room with decor, wall colours, and furniture, the room will close in on you, leaving less or no open spaces there at all. And, that is a complete no-no when it comes to interior designing. Having open spaces in your home may not seem like an important consideration first, but it certainly plays a massive role in the mood and vibe. From allowing in fresh air and light to giving an illusion of a larger room, open spaces also have a lot to do with positivity. Here are a few effective tricks that help create these spaces even in a small room.


Better Organization

Decluttering your belongings, throwing away what is not being used, and organising what is, is one way to make your room look neat and in turn, appear larger and more spacious. The key is to visually de-clutter. Not every belonging needs to be presented out in the open. Tuck them away in storage options and only leave the regularly uses items on the outside.


Multifunctional Furniture

Not just one trick to make way for open spaces in a room, this is also a great way to save less on furniture and groom your organisational skills. Have fewer items that also double for other purposes.


Small Pieces may hold Bigger Value

Ditch the idea that extra-large show-pieces and other home accessories bring a luxurious feel to the room. It is more about simplicity, subtlety, and the overall aesthetic balance of it. A small room with an overlarge TV, couch, a chandelier will only make it seem constricted and compact. Invest in regular sized pieces that just complement the room and not take over the entire space.


Take it to the Ceiling

Wall art, a shelf, or a wallpaper can occupy a section of the wall vertically instead of horizontally. While usually, décor items are laid up across the horizontal expanse of the wall, the aesthetic benefits of the other side can be easily overlooked. Taking these décor features up to the ceiling will not only give your room an edgy look but also create an illusion of open spaces on the floor.

With the right kind of interior design and décor technique, any desired ambience can be achieved. We have tried, tested, and achieved the same in our holiday homes in Goa and Coonoor. With these hacks, we hope you do too.