Welcoming decor ideas for the guestroom

Welcoming decor ideas for the guestroom


A warm embrace and delectable dishes on display may seem like the best way to make your guests feel welcome in your room. And it certainly is. However, your duty as a host doesn’t end there. Your friends and family who have come to visit you would appreciate all of the above, but you should know that they’re going to spend a considerable amount of time in the guestroom. Meaning, there is no better and personal way to make your guest feel at home than by creating a space solely for them to really unwind in.


Neutral and Universal

Every guest that pays you a visit will have a different set of preferences; you can’t cater to them all. So, it makes immense sense to stick to décor and design that is universal in nature. Keep the colour theme mostly neutral and try not to lean towards specific elements.


A Vibrant Spark

Although neutral is a fair choice for a guestroom, a slight hint of colour would definitely not disrupt the pattern and instead add a spark of vibrancy. A room designed solely with a subdued palette may provide uniformity but may appear dull and bland. Add subtle pops of colour with a piece of furniture, curtains, or a show-piece to bring liveliness.


 Add Character

The key to decorating your guest bedroom is to do so with the same intrigue you have while enamouring your own bedroom. Though, care should be taken as to not go overboard in the process of adding character in the guestroom. The idea is to add some statement home accessories that enrich the living experience of the visitors.


Invite the Greens

There is no better way to introduce freshness in a room than by bringing in doses of nature. Place a few house plants there to accentuate the entire ambience. Inviting some greens along with natural light will radiate warmth like no other element in the guestroom.

At our Isprava luxury homes in India, we adhere to all these décor techniques to make our guests feel welcomed and at home. We know that being a good host involves more than just offering the necessities; it also takes some ornamentation that has a personal touch and benevolence. And now, you know that, too.