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Must have Luxury Kitchen Fixtures

01st Apr 2019


A kitchen is every culinary lover’s paradise. It is not just a place where recipes materialize and flavours mix. Naturally, it needs just as much attention as the rest of the house gets. Well, when it comes to its design, many confuse the role of functionality and aesthetics there. Yes, your kitchen is more about utility appliances, but a little bit of décor will only amplify the whole cooking experience, and in turn, the dining experience. As a venture that fosters luxury and comfort together in interior designing at Isprava home, here are a few must-have innovative luxury kitchen fixtures that will help you to do the same in your living space.


Wooden Countertops

Wood exhibits a sense of sophistication with minimalism; that is one reason why it is a preferred choice in homes everywhere. In the kitchen as well, having a wooden countertop brings in a timeless appeal to it while also proving as a great luxury feature.


Beverage Station

One of the most dynamic and functional luxury kitchen features – a beverage station can include all or any of your preferred drinks. A convenient appliance for regular beverages like coffee, tea, or wine, it will not only provide ease and comfort to you but also add an element of luxury to the kitchen.


Built-In Refrigerator

A way to bring uniformity in a kitchen while also bringing in a stellar design – a built-in refrigerator aligns with the rest of the cabinets, blending in aesthetically. Naturally, with its decluttering feature, it also adds luxe to the space.


Pot Filler

A high-end design feature yet an extremely practical one – a pot filler is just your regular faucet but mounted a little higher on the kitchen backsplash for time-saving and utilitarian purposes. This is one of the fixtures that will enhance the quality of all the kitchen activities while also making them easier.


On-counter Garage

Again, a functional technique to declutter in style; an on-counter garage is where all the appliances that you use on a daily can go when they are not being used. Smart design can install this in a way that would seamlessly blend it with the rest of the décor.

Luxury that comes with functional features is called living grand in its truest sense. While your kitchen needs more of purposeful equipment, some stellar features that do so with grandeur is just the way to go.


Picture Courtesy: Bob Vila, Modernize, KitchenAid, Delta Faucet and Beeworld.



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