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Minimal Design Features That Are Luxurious

28th Mar 2019


The thing about luxury is that it is more about the art of design and illusion than a show of extravagant items. That is what smart interior designing and décor is all about; creating a desired look using just the right kind of elements. The same goes behind a luxurious ambience of a house; it is just a combination of subtle features joining together to strike grandeur. It is a common misconception that for sophistication, flamboyancy is a pre-requisite. In actuality, however, it is all in the details and delicacy. Here are a few minimal design features that exude luxury.


Natural Hues


This has been trending for a while now, yet at the same time, it is evergreen. Application of neutral colours on the walls or investing on neutral hued furniture is a great way to exhibit luxuriousness minimally. Besides adding a contemporary feel to the room, these subdued shades also have a calming effect, which makes them a top choice amongst designers today.


Throw Pillows

There is something immensely appealing about a bunch of soft cushions laid down on a bed or a couch. Although as aesthetic as they appear, they may also give a clustered look to a room if overdone. Stick to just the right number of pillows that take up only a quarter of the bed’s space, and opt for those in either cottons and linens or fabrics like silk and velvet.



Often when a person walks into a room and finds it to be well-decorated and lavish without any prominent element to credit that too, it is usually the rug. Since it goes on the floor, it may go unnoticed, but it is one of the most important elements when it comes to home décor; especially when it comes to subtle sophistication.


Fresh Plants

Associating luxury with materials and objects is never a good idea; sophistication in real terms is simplicity and freshness. And there is nothing better to incorporate that than by using fresh pot plants indoors.

At our luxury holiday homes across India as well, we adhere by softness and sharp details to emanate splendour. All it takes is subtlety and aesthetic balance!


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