Best Places to visit in India during Monsoon

Holiday Destinations in India


From lush greenery to the scent of monsoon mud, every corner is laced with an inexplicable charm during the monsoons. Now, this season may not be the best option for many to travel in. But for the ones who are open to indulging in a little adventure or simply experiencing the pleasant side of the season, this is an ideal time for trips. Although there are some places that are indeed unfavourable for a trip in the rains, others are appealing and welcoming. Here are a few destinations in India that exhibit enhanced beauty during the rains and make for refreshing vacations.


goa in monsoons

A destination that is visited primarily for its beach life, Goa can also be pleasantly surprising in the rains, too. The beach sports may be unavailable but that only paves way for tranquil strolls at the shore and various other perks. Moreover, stays at places like our luxury private villas in Goa have been designed in a way to appeal to everyone in every season.




A heavenly abode that shines with surrealism every time it rains, Meghalaya is the second rainiest place on the planet. That naturally makes it the most beautiful place to visit to experience its exquisite monsoon. The entirety of Cherrapunji glows in this season, creating beautiful backdrops for one to revel in.



Udaipur in monsoon

Receiving the lowest rainfall, Udaipur stays pleasant and favourable to visit even in Monsoon. There are numerous lakes marking the city and the charm of the whole city is simply accentuated by the slight showers here.



Coonoor in monsoon

The green slopes turn even greener, the hills get covered by heavy mist at the peak, and the entire hill-station comes to life during the wet months. Our properties for sale in Nilgiris make for ideal stays during your travel to these hills. Their location and design are meant to enhance the living experience at any given season.

Our beach villas in Goa and houses for sale in Nilgiris feature private pools and other amenities that are perfect accompaniments for a holiday, whether it’s in the summers or rains.


Picture Courtesy: ClearTrip (1), Travelogy (2) and thepalaceonwheels (3) and holidify.