Isprava turns 5

How it all began

The longing to escape the monotonous life of an investment banker inspired ‘Isprava’, a brand that resonates with luxury living. Our founder, Nibhrant Shah, looked for a destination that connected him with himself while keeping him close to the rest of the world. He yearned for a home away from home that was both, lavish and congenial.

He was always drawn to the profound contrasts of Goa; the calm and the frenzy, the rustic accents and the sophistication. He knew he wanted his holiday home in a coastal paradise, and Goa was the ideal match. However, he realized that his vision of an ideal holiday home lacked some crucial factors. But, what cannot be found can always be created; That is where it all began.

Where we are now

Establishing the Isprava experience and marking our legacy in Goa, we have now expanded our way of life onto the Blue Hills- Nilgiris. It began with 5-6 members to over 100 employees as of now. working towards building and designing luxury homes in India while simplifying the whole purchasing and renting process.

Where we are headed

Having left quite a grand impression with our villas for rent and sale in Goa and houses for sale in Ooty, Kotagiri and Coonoor, we now look forward to setting up exemplary villas in Alibaug by next year and later, expand into international locations, with Sri Lanka being first on the list. Building homes is our primary focus, but we have also ventured into hospitality. We are bullish about the hospitality sector and expect growth and expansion in the years ahead.

The Isprava Difference

Moreover, the subtlety of the sustainable Portuguese and European designs, our adherence to the authenticity of the land we build; we believe these are the features that draw a distinction between Isprava and other real estate developers.