One winter. Many experiences. With Isprava.

Villa Evora Assagaon, Goa

Villa Evora, your winter wonderland

As the temperature dips, all roads lead to Isprava Villa Evora in Goa—your perfect winter escape. Here, every moment is made merrier by luxury, comfort and inimitable style.

It sits hidden in a quiet street in Assagaon, a charming Goan-Portuguese home, what winter dreams are made of. In the mornings, as the fog settles around its lush green garden, have a steaming hot cup of tea and a lavish home-cooked breakfast in the dining area while you soak in the surroundings. Inside, the warmth of luxury awaits you. The home features a beautiful foyer which can be decked with poinsettias and candles, leading you into a passage with hand-finished walls and a stained glass window. There is a kitchen where gingerbread cookies and other winter delicacies can be whipped effortlessly.  Your Christmas tree will find a lovely spot in the home’s airy living room, while the lavish dining area with a sloping roof can transform into a great meet, greet and treat area. From arched doorways to antique crockery cupboards and distressed sandstone flooring; every nook and corner screams luxury in comfort—a winter wonderland in itself. But perhaps the best spot to indulge this season is the balcony that overlooks the pool, from where you can admire Isprava Villa Evora’s inimitable charm.


Natural beauty

From cute urban gardens to spacious poolside havens, the unique designs that accentuate homes and bring life to the outdoor spaces.

Isprava inherently believes that landscaping is an essential part of the design along with a well-decorated interior. And every Isprava home is a true reflection of this belief. Landscape design is a unique melting pot of art, architecture and horticulture. It is the art of arranging and modifying features of green spaces. Layouts of such landscapes are often designed keeping harmony, balance, proportion and transition in mind. Accenting your home with natural elements, from flora and fauna to stonework and water features go a long way. Shrubbery, walkways, vine-covered overheads can lend an ethereal feel to an outdoor space. You can spruce up the outdoor areas of your home by re-using old items and giving them a second life as garden structures—like an old bicycle or wheelbarrow. Ancient aquifers, flower beds bursting with a variety of textures and colours, hanging flower pots, lavender fields, glass-encased sheds, fragrant blooms that climb over a garden trellis, quaint sitting spots surrounded by greenery and vines, tranquil fountains, pretty pergolas are different ways to accentuate your backyard escape.


In Goa, this winter  

Heading to the land of sun, sand and beach this winter? Isprava gives you all the insider advice on what to do and where to go this December.

With 10 hours of sunlight and everything from serene beaches to raging parties on offer, it is no secret why December is the best time to be in Goa. What’s more? It celebrates Christmas and New Year’s Eve like no other. We list out some of the absolute must-dos. Catch the Saturday Night Market on the busy sands of Arpora in Goa—starting at 7pm and going on till the wee morning hours. We love it for its fancy jewellery and unique antique showpieces, as well as for its live music performances, exotic fire dances and delicious food. Visit the amazing Serendipity Arts Festival, held on the banks of the Mandovi river in Panjim, featuring an eclectic display of visual, performing and culinary arts. During the week of Christmas, do not miss the various ball dances; the ones in Parra and Woodbourne Hall Gounley, Nuvem are the ones we liked best. Make sure to attend an EDM party in some of the best clubs such as Cohiba, Sinq, etc. Participate in church fairs or if you are lucky to get the chance, witness a traditional Goan wedding. Nature lovers can go to the Dudhsagar Falls—made famous by various Bollywood hits, in the Mollem region of Goa, or explore the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, home to a variety of snakes including the exotic King Cobra. From headphone parties to cruise sojourns—there is plenty to do in Goa this winter. Isprava villas await your arrival.


Chef Chinu, take a bow 

From the age of four the epicurean world beckoned her name. Today, Shilarna Vaze aka Chef Chinu runs her own company, Gaia Gourmet with her Swiss husband Chef Christophe Perrin – whips up deliciousness for a star-studded clientele in Mumbai, while also spreading the joy to Isprava’s tables in Goa. In conversation with the gourmet maverick herself.

1) What inspired your interest in food? Tell us about your journey, how Gaia Gourmet came to life and its concept is so different?
The story of Gaia is also the story of love and Goa. Chris and I met in Goa, raved into the light, decided to open our restaurant Gaia and then quickly got a reality check about adulting and business, and moved back to Mumbai to open our gourmet catering service Gaia Gourmet.

For the past 8 years, we have slowly grown from a tiny mom and pop catering service to doing weddings, working with international brands and curating really special gastronomic events. Now, we have come to a full circle with our kitchen in Goa and a collaboration with Isprava.

2) There is something special about having an amazing meal at home. Tell us about how exciting it is been for you, curating meals for Isprava’s guests?
A perfect evening is made up of several things – the setting, the company and we think the food plays a very important role too! Our collaboration with Isprava includes great recipes and fresh ingredients, but style remains the key component.

3) Your favourite Isprava villa? And it’s kitchen?
Villa Evora as it has the biggest kitchen.

4) Things you cannot cook without?
A sharp knife, sea salt, butter, a clean counter and my husband.

5) Your food philosophy and dream?
Authentic, delicious, sustainable, luxurious, happy heart, mind and body. We are living our dream!