DIY Home Décor Hacks

Change is something we need constantly. When it comes to one’s abode, some subtle décor changes here and there can smoothly bring in that change; heavy renovations aren’t exactly required.

Do-It-Yourself home décor hacks bring with them some functionality merged with your personal touch, making them ideal for some quick, hassle-less makeover. We list five DIY ways you can bring change in your home with some utility combined.

Wall mirror with rope

A mirror on the wall can bring character in a room. Now, to bring a chic twist to the same, hang the mirror using ropes. The sophistication of the mirror balanced with the rustic feel of the rope will definitely give a fresh look to your house.

Embellish your headboard

The same old furniture can start to feel monotonous and although, swapping them for new ones isn’t exactly a good idea, revamping them definitely is. The headboard of your bed can look novel with a few tricks. A piece of fabric, a bedsheet or a patterned scarf can be draped and pinned over it fully or partially to embellish it.

Wall of memories

There’s no better way to add a pinch of change to a home than by adding to it décor that reflects your life. A wall full of your photos, each contained within hand-made frames or pieced together with some artsy hacks would do just that for you.

Patterned lampshades

If your ordinary lamp looks like it needs some refurbishment now, here is a hack. Provided, the lampshade is of a dark hue, you can conjure up a design by poking holes on it. Alternatively, draping another fabric over the old one can be quite appealing too.

Wall Papers

There are some bedsheets and fabrics that are too good to dispose of and too unsuitable for practical use. These good-looking cloths can be reused very well to pose as wallpapers or wall art.

These subtle differences that can be brought in through really creative ways, bringing in a personal, home-like feel as well. Our luxury homes in India were designed with exactly this touch – art and design that feels like home.