What do Indians think of Golf as a sport?


Slowly and quite evidently graduating from the ‘Business class leisurely sport’ pseudonym to a common sport; golf is an immensely played and welcomed sport today. Given the fact that our country was the first outside of Britain to accept the game zestfully, India and golf go a long way. Imbibed into the Indian history in the British era primarily amongst a certain class, today the sport is popular amongst common men too.

The game began its journey in India amongst the gentlemen as an activity to mingle with prospective business clients or simply as a leisure sport. Over the years however, its place in the country has taken some evolving turns. Today, it’s something everyone can engage in. It’s truly becoming a sport instead of simply being an elite leisurely sport.

There are increasing numbers of Indian golf enthusiasts that play on an international level and others who are keen on taking it up as a hobby. Although factors of affordability and accessibility still restrict golf’s thorough inclusion amongst other sports like cricket to some level, people are increasingly adopting it. Whether it’s simply a sport choice, a career choice or just an experience one would like to take a dip in, we can say, there is space for it all today.

The game may seem easy for someone who hasn’t tried their hand at it. However, it is a skill that takes utter precision and practice to develop and is also known to be moderately addictive. Hence, being physically and mentally active is something a golf player needs. Apt for all age-groups and classes, it is indeed a sport that continues to grow in our country. The rich golfing culture in our history clearly shows in the golf courses that have been built through the years. What adds to the budding enthusiasm of the sport is its diverse locations. From the serene terrains to the bustling cities, a golf course can find a home anywhere.

We, at Isprava believe that it is best enjoyed in the midst of tall trees, enchanting green slopes and calming weather in the Nilgiris. Keeping the same in mind, our houses for sale in Ooty, Kotagiri and Coonoor have been built in close proximity to the neighbouring golf courses. We wish to encourage the sport and incorporate the game into our lifestyle, enhancing the whole Isprava experience in the process.