The art of bringing the outdoors inside


As much as we would like to build and reside in a home in the midst of a chirping forest and scenic landscapes, it’s quite a far-fetched vision. On the other hand, bringing a bit of that serenity inside your city home is definitely a dream that can be turned into reality. We, at Isprava do so with our luxury homes in India. All it takes is some creativity blended right in with some home décor hacks.

Natural Light

One primary reason why being outdoors is so rejuvenating is because of the sunlight. Bringing the sun indoors is not a science task. Just open those curtains and bask in the liveliness that the natural light exhibits.

Natural Colours

There’s greenery, there’s brightness, there’s blue and a splatter of colours on everything you see outside. Now, to reel those colours into your living space, you can invest in home accessories in hues that replicate the nature; bright yellow cushions, pastel blue walls to suggest some.

The Living

Having a space in your abode for some pot plants that add life to it is, hands down the best way to bring the outdoor inside. You’re close to nature without having to step out!

Wall Art

Nature-themed wallpapers have the ability to fill you with such peace as if you’re physically present in a surrounding like that. Alternatively, frames of a landscape or a seascape would certainly transport you from here to that destination in mere seconds!


Being out in nature is so refreshing because of the open spaces and less clutter; our homes can sometimes lack that space. The key here is decluttering. Discard unnecessary items, keep the interiors minimal and simple while welcoming open and bigger spaces.

Oraganic Building Materials

Using organic materials like wood, Bamboo, marble and naturally-cut stone in your furniture and parts of your house will ensure that feeling of being close to the earth.

So, next time you look at renovation or simply need to feel in touch with Mother Nature, you know the art of bringing the outdoors inside is an interesting form! We make sure, our villas for sale and rent in Goa as well as our houses for sale in Coonoor, Kotagiri, and Ooty are designed with that craft.