How a mirror can transform your space


Most people believe that mirrors are just a method of beautification. Little do they know, that adding a mirror to your luxury villa can change a lot more than its aesthetics. When used in the right way, a mirror can become your design underdog.

We have highlighted a few tips for improving a space by using mirrors.  


Make your room larger

If your goal is to double your space and make a room seem much bigger than it is then adding mirrors will fulfill just that. It can make a narrow hallway wider, a storage cupboard more spacious and a tiny room more roomy. If your design mantra is like ours, then you can use your mirrors to make a large room in a luxury private villa feel gigantic. Not just that, but it also intensifies an entertainment room by making it appear like it’s filled with guests. 



Add light to your interiors

As we all know, mirrors reflect light. So using them as a tool to make a dark area seem brighter is a smart way to enhance a space. Isprava’s luxury villas in Goa are sun kissed making them a suitable spot to apply this quirk. Another trick in the book is to place a mirror in a location that reflects a window, in turn reflecting your beautiful view and a lot of light! 



Draw attention to your decor 

In a holiday home, the best technique of accentuating your home accessories, furniture and more is by utilising mirrors. In fact, if placed correctly it creates a focal point and the mirror could even do the job of a painting.



Creating motifs 

Several small mirrors on a wall, that form a certain pattern, can breathe life into a room. The reflections created on the mirrors will also form a softer tone for the theme, depending on what they are reflecting, such as flowers and plants. The mimicking reflections may help enhance an empty spot in an independent villa for sale in Goa. If they are used strategically in a pattern it will make the space a lot more aesthetic. 



Isprava’s design represents utmost comfort and grandeur and achieving that with the help of mirrors is an effortless method of going about it. An integral part of our home design is using mirrors to emphasize the best features and create a standard of luxurious decor. After all, when a design instills an emotion, it also develops a lasting impression.