Power of Indoor Plants


All our lives we have been told that greens have a ton of benefits. In terms of design, plants are as important accessories in the space as any other home decor proves to be. Whether you place the plant pots in a corner, or hang them or display it on a wall shelf, they will help give you a green thumb and build your skills. 

If the visual appeal of plants is not enough to convince you of their capabilities then we have listed the biggest reasons why you need to go buy numerous plants from your nearest nursery. 


Low maintenance 

The first and most significant reason that you should get an indoor plant is that they do not require any gardening skills and hard work that goes behind nurturing it. Got a long weekend plan or going on a romantic weekend getaway but worried whether your plant will survive without your attention? Do not stress, all your plant needs is a source of indirect light and a drainage hole in its pot and you are good to go! Most indoor plants only need to be watered when the soil turns dry which is usually twice or less in a week. 


Purifies your surroundings 

If you don’t breathe well, you’re not living well. Not only do indoor plants make your home more welcoming, it also makes the air a lot more cleaner. They remove the pollutants from the air by absorbing it through their leaves and roots. Also, more plants means more oxygen and let us just collectively agree that more oxygen is always appreciated


Adds a pop of colour and life to your room 

Transforming your space doesn’t require any more effort than just adding a bit of colour with the help of indoor plants. Since plants are literally living creatures, they help to add some soul and personality to your room. The choice for the type of plants that you can put into your home is abundant. Additionally, it is known that they help boost mood, reduce fatigue and aid in creativity as well as productivity. Practicing what we preach, all of Isprava’s luxury villas in Goa and the Nilgiris flourish with indoor greenery.


Provide light and luxury to your space

What better way to exhibit luxury than through an efficient and sustainable way? Replant your greens into a colourful pot to add style to greenery. It is commonly known that plants need sunlight to survive. Hence, placing a few plants in a home causes you to open the windows and let some light into your surroundings. This creates a tone of freshness and life in your space. 


While indoor plants can make a difference in a multitude of ways, at our Isprava luxury villas we provide and maintain both, indoor plants as well as outdoor plants. And honestly, what is a holiday home without the cosy feeling provided through plants? To get you started, here are some common names of indoor plants that are pleasant and easy to grow- Spider plant, Anthurium, Snake plant, Bamboo, Jade and Money Plant.