Home of the Month : Villa Branco

Villa Branco -Luxury Villa in North-Goa


If you are interested to find out about where it all started for Isprava, then let us take you back to 2013 when our first ever home, Villa Branco was built. Located in the heart of North Goa, this stunning holiday home is a property that is close to our hearts as well. 

Villa Branco covers the space of 1,275 square meters. This home consists of five bedrooms and it’s own private pool and gazebo, along with beautifully arched doorways, carved white screens, lavish courtyards, and bespoke flooring.

After escaping from the exhausting city life as an investment banker, our Founder and CEO, Nibhrant Shah, decided that he needed a sanctuary for himself. A relaxing home, away from home, where he could disconnect from his usual surroundings. He believed that Goa would pose as the ideal place for this and hence began his journey of looking for a property that would check all of his requirements. 


Villa Branco - 5 Bedroom with Private Swimming Pool


The existing private villas in Goa lacked all the significant aspects which build up to create an emotion of comfort, exclusivity and integrity. Now, these three factors represent the three pillars of the way we operate our end-to-end services at Isprava. Our founder came to the conclusion, that if we cannot find a perfect home, then we must create it. Thus, this led to the beginning of Isprava.



Villa Branco marks as the first estate built by Isprava and comes with antique furniture and artefacts sourced from palaces and mansions in India as well as Europe. Also, currently it is included as part of our rental homes. To this day, this luxury private villa in Goa resonates with our heritage and background. So if you’re seeking utmost comfort and splendor, then look no further than Isprava’s luxury holiday homes in Goa for sale and rent.