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Just like fashion trends, design trends are also always evolving with time. Each luxury private home created by us is never similar to another, we make sure of that by adopting new style trends while continuing to stick to our original design mantra of authenticity and grandeur.  A couple of styles that have come back with time are noted by our team.


Bohemian Style

When it comes to decorating, the Boho design follows a mix and match method, that strives at setting a vibe of comfort and calmness.




This is a word that has been overused by most companies but at Isprava, we implement it through all the three pillars of sustainability, in all our luxury holiday homes. The environmental pillar is covered by our ecofriendly products as well as decor that centres around natural elements. Our method of delivering with absolute integrity cover the social pillar. Lastly, the economic pillar is where we create a balance between economic growth and the ecosystem, and make strategic purchases.




This is defined as an idea that humans possess the tendency to seek connections with nature. While we are conscious of the environment, we strongly believe that an ecosystem infused with natural and organic materials is the only way to bring the outdoors in. Additionally, in the luxury private villas, the outside spaces like courtyards are maintained with natural garden elements.



A Marriage Between Vintage and Contemporary

Vintage is a word that relates to us on a different level, because it essentially represents a story and we treasure our roots at Isprava immensely. The contemporary design inspired by vintage decor creates the perfect combination of crisp and clean space that builds the bridge between history and modernity.


Isprava’s Gleneagle Estate, Coonoor


Fresh looks and a new home design is the delivery we like to make every single time. The only rule to follow is that every home should tell a story.

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