Top 5 Natural Attractions in Coonoor

Golfing in the hills


Second largest hill-station in the blue hills of Nilgiris, Coonoor is a small and quiet town welcoming nature lovers every year with open arms. Although not as popular as Ooty for a travel destination, with its mesmerizing green slopes of tea plantations, cloud-topped hills, and soothing weather it is a place that simply cannot be passed. Upper Coonoor, especially is a tranquil and a peaceful location that one needs to see to revitalize well before they go back to the city schedules. We have rounded up a list of top five natural sights to soak in when in Coonoor.


Catherine Falls

Catherine Falls

A two-step waterfall cascading amidst a panoramic expanse of greenery, Catherine falls have the power to leave your mouth agape. Best viewed from the Dolphin’s point, the sight will make you feel grand to be a part of a grander environmental space.


Rallia Dam

Rallia Dam

All it takes is a trek through a dense forest to treat your senses to the breath-taking offerings of the Rallia dam. Also a favourable picnic spot, those who are willing to trek to the destination are rewarded by a peaceful retreat with scenery straight out of a painting. Moreover, sights of rare animals and gorgeous birds to accompany you there is quite common.


Lady Canning’s Seat

Lady Canning's Seat

Named after the romantic partner of a British Viceroy, Countess Charlotte Canning who often spent some time at this spot, Lady Canning’s seat is exquisite. The kind of place you would go to gain some perspective and find some solace, Lady Canning’s seat is exactly that. Surrounded by a panoramic expanse of tea estates, red-roofed houses, and populated forests, it is without a doubt one of the top natural attractions of Coonoor.


Lamb’s Rock

Lamb's Rock

Lamb’s rock, which is shaped like a lamb’s back amidst some stellar works of Mother Nature, is a venue where the sky meets the green globe, or at least it seems so. Known to have a life-changing impact on visitors with the view it offers, Lamb’s Rock is truly surreal.


Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley

Indeed hidden, Hidden Valley may be a little tricky to locate but when you do, you have the pleasure of revelling in nature’s pure glory. A trek away, this valley is known to serenade every visitor with its incomparable beauty.

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Picture Courtesy: Trans-Travel-India, TripHobo, TripAdvisor, Times of India and Coonoor Tourism.