Interview with Pancham Maheshwari

Interview with Pancham Maheshwari


Pancham is a perfectionist and is always ready to lend a helping hand. This hardworking accountant has a deep, philosophical side to her that is incredibly charming. We catch up with Pancham and talk to her about her work and life.

Interview with Pancham Maheshwari

Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you end up at Isprava?
I worked with Themis for a period of three years (a start-up by Nibhrant) and then had taken a two year break. Post that, I was looking to start again and it was then that I got the opportunity to work with Isprava.

Before Isprava, I had worked with a few textile and real estate companies but Isprava gave me the opportunity to diversify, that’s how my journey with Isprava began.

What is your role here?
I head the accounts team at Isprava and am responsible for all the accounting & tax compliance deliverables.

What is your favourite part of your role?
Resolving challenging technical questions each time, multi-tasking and delivering on time.

Tell us a little bit about the culture at the office?
Isprava is an open and liberal workspace. If you know what your domain and are ready to put in a decent effort, recognition is never too far. The management is very approachable and hears you patiently. Worthy ideas and useful suggestions are quickly imbibed in the workflow. But the most important factor about the culture at Isprava is the trust, which is bestowed and returned, equally.

Were you always inclined toward the luxury space? If so, how do you feel it evolving in India now?
Luxury is a very personal concept, I have always been inclined towards luxury but in a very modest way. I feel content redefining the boundaries of luxury in India and in turn my own way, through Isprava. We are growing as an economy and our tastes are changing. Globalisation has contributed to this, marginally, by increasing demand for world-class facilities. So I am happy that I am a part of the wave and at the crest of it, with offering to the New India what it aspires!

Are you more a beach person who loves the energy of Goa or the tranquil calm of the lush Nilgiris?
I am the Kurinji lover from Nilgiris. The peaks and the valleys are very reflective of everything human. On a slightly philosophical note, I find the valley very absorbing; unlike the sea it does not throw things back, albeit nothing against the sea!

What does luxury mean to Isprava?
Luxury to Isprava is second nature. It is not attempted, it is encoded. So as Paulo Coelho says, “It is Maktub!” it was meant to be like this!

Rapid Fire

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Snooze the alarm.

What are three things we will find on your desk?
My phone, stationary and a snack box.

Favourite vacation spot?
South Africa.

A celebrity you would like to have a drink with?
Richard Gere.

If you could have a holiday home anywhere, where would it be?
A location with a view of snow-capped Himalayas.

Favourite TV character?
Jerry Kramer from Seinfeld and Cyrus Broacha from Week that wasn’t.