Summer in Goa


Although summer is not an ideal month for holidaying in the coastal land of Goa, it is still a preferred time for most travellers. The humid months in the first half of the year may not a popular time for a trip, but it most definitely is advantageous in various ways. The temperature may not be soothing and pleasant throughout the day, but it certainly comes with its own perks. From lucrative offers and discount benefits to the comfort of solace, summer in Goa can be a rejoicing retreat too.


Since summer is not a tourist season in Goa, travellers are few and hence, opportunities and advantages for you are more. The beaches, the shacks, and of course, the clubs are all moderately crowded. The beaches will be peaceful and feel like your own, the eateries and local venues will give you the best of their service, and you will be able to experience the spirit of Goa along with solitude.


Aqua Activities

Sweat and heat due to the scorching sun overhead is all the more reason to head to a beach destination. What extensively is a part of summer in Goa are activities that involve swimming and water sports. Engaging in the recreational water activities on the beach, taking a few laps in the pool of your Isprava luxury holiday home in Goa, or simply sitting by the edge with your feet dipped in; these are some things that are best revealed in the summertime.


Summer Festivals

With Goa’s most magnificent four-day carnival marking the month of February, summer here promises some more exuberant festivals to be a part of. Shigmotsav – a fourteen-day festival that exhibits the culture of Goa with folk dances, music, and parades, Goan Food and Music festival, ad Konkan Fruit Fest are a few social galas that one can witness there.

In addition to these benefits, spending a few days of your summer holidays in Goa also comes with the perk of reduced prices everywhere, from water sports and food to the nightlife and shopping. Summer in Goa is indeed a paradise!

Picture Courtesy: TravelTriangle