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Goa Beaches That You Need to Visit

15th Mar 2019


While there is a beach to just let go and dance away the night, there is also a beach to simply lie down and breathe in the serenity. Goa is more or less synonymous with beaches, given the number of the coastal paradise harbours. This versatility of Goa beaches makes it favourable for all kinds of people with their different tastes and preferences. The energy of some beaches will blow your mind if you are a party-animal. And if you are someone who prefers some quiet and peace, Goa beaches promise that as well. Here are some suggestions from us!


Ashwem Beach

A must-visit, primarily owing to its unspoiled nature, Ashwem is a scenic beach that gives stellar views of the sea, along with the company of refreshing coconut and palm trees. With its long shoreline and the sound of crashing waves in the otherwise quiet, the beach attracts people from all over the country, but still remains untampered and gorgeous as ever.


Mandrem Beach

Pacing down the otherwise energetic rhythm of Goa, Mandrem beach is tucked away in North Goa, luring tourists looking for rejuvenation to it. Promoting a laid-back lifestyle and tranquillity with its white sand and health-promoting eateries, the beach is ideal for anyone who is looking to explore the calm of Goa while engaging in some yoga on the shore.



Mimicking the vibe and backdrop of a classic movie, Arambol is all about elements that depict blitheness and colour everywhere. Flanked by cliffs on both sides, the beach sees travellers in vibrant beach attires, shacks, and bars jamming to retro music. Also known for its hippie culture, the beach hosts the best of parties.


Baga Beach

One of Goa’s topmost beaches and a buzzing commercial hub, Baga beach, despite its bustle, is definitely a must-visit. Lined with numerous shacks, eateries, and bars, the beach is great for delectable meals at reasonable prices. Tourists drift around the beach engaging in water sports, a swim, or sunbathing near the shore. This beach relays the typical life of Goa with its liveliness and tourism.


Querim Beach

Epitomising peace in the purest form, Querim beach is one of the finest beaches of Goa known primarily for its idyllic nature. A treat to the senses, Cola is worth a visit whether you’re a lover of solitude or not.

While every beach has something distinct to offer, these beaches are the best of the lot in every sense. And fortunately, these just happen to be accessible from our luxury villas in Goa.


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