Luxury Gets A New Address

Villa Vivre for Rent in Assagaon, Goa


Villa Vivre, now available to rent!

Let all roads lead to Villa Vivre, the next time you decide to visit Goa. It is situated in a quaint location, has a beautiful view of a dense green forest, and is close to everything you love about Goa. So, why go anywhere else?

Villa Vivre, now available to rent!

Another one of Isprava’s masterpieces can be yours for that weekend escape you know you need, or even longer if you so desire. Villa Vivre is the newest addition to the brand’s collection of rental homes, and is all stacked up to leave you utterly impressed. It is where luxury meets charm. Where nature meets indulgences. Where you can spend long languid evenings imbibing the peace that surrounds, and spend fun summer days lounging near the stunning pool or embraced in the luxe comfort of the interiors. This is where days will turn into weeks, without you realizing.

Located in one of the prettiest villages of North Goa—Assagaon, it enjoys an idyllic location while still being close enough to the coolest cafes, restaurants, beaches, boutiques, yoga and Ayurveda retreats and more. The four bedroom home is a true work of art, complete with the most beautiful furniture and artefacts sourced from the palaces and mansions in India and Europe. It comes with bespoke soft furnishings; custom designed flooring and carefully curated crockery and more. The perfect ‘great escape’.


Isprava makes the headlines!

That is right. We are in the news. This time, on the front page of ET Panache with our founder and CEO, Nibhrant Shah, in the spotlight.

Isprava makes the headlines!


It is amazing to see Isprava, bright and centre, on the front page of ET Panache, a supplement that is carried with The Economic Times, five days a week.

The headline read: Luxury Gets a New Address, and is a coverage on how Isprava, one of India’s leading luxury home developers is paving the way to a redefined holiday home living experience. It highlights how Isprava is disrupting the real estate sector in India by providing world-class aesthetics, clean and smooth paperwork, local community support, property management services and more—with the singular promise of embracing the highest benchmarks in every circumstance. The article goes on to talk about how for Isprava, luxury is synonymous with thoughtful experiences. It describes how it cannot be a commoditized product, but instead an experience complete with personal touches and attention to detail that elevates your holiday home experience, unlike anyone else has ever done before. It lists out the destinations that Isprava is in—like Goa and Coonoor—and reveals new destinations like Alibaug and Sri Lanka. The article gives headway into the average price range of a typical Isprava home and also provides insight into how Isprava is committed to the communities it is a part of, and swears by green philosophies. All in all, it is a pleasure to see how Isprava is making waves in the media, and is capturing the attention of like-minded individuals, and those looking for a luxe escape. Well, look no further! Luxury got a new address, with Isprava! Thank you ET Panache for the brilliant article!


CTLR, SHIFT, Escape to GOA!

Goa, the go to vacation hotspot of India, is slowly but steadily becoming a destination that people are calling home. And with Isprava making luxury homes all around the state, you know you will be well taken care of!

CTLR, SHIFT, Escape to GOA!

More and more young families are leaving the chaotic, clustered, hamster-wheel city life for quieter and more peaceful locales. The one that has topped the charts lately is Goa. Once known as the haven of quick escapes has now transformed into a home, worthy of bringing up a family, with great infrastructure and education choices readily available.

Goa as a destination is becoming an increasingly popular choice to live the dream life, even if you are far from your retirement age.  People are leaving behind the grind and opting for greenery, peace and beauty, aka the simple life. But one may wonder how it is possible without compromising on lifestyle or other important life decisions.

The great news is that Goa is booming in infrastructural options, and has a fair mélange of educational along with work opportunities. Over and above that, Goa has great food, it is easy to get around, you can live inland and have a decent job without the threat of becoming a beach bum. It is a great destination to make friends, enjoy nature and culture, pursue hobbies, sports and passions, and ultimately as daunting as it may seem, it is worth making the shift for a better, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Today, Goa is far more connected. Private healthcare providers like Wockhardt, Manipal Hospitals and Apollo Hospitals are expanding across the state. Goa has quite a few established institutions affiliated to national boards, as well as international schooling options and even alternative creative approaches to education. The best part: Isprava has a big collection of beautiful homes that you can buy and call home.


The pretty (fabulous) life of Maia Sethna

According to her twitter handle, she is a blogger, travel enthusiast and fashion fanatic. But she is much more than that. When you meet her, you will realize she is full of life, stops at nothing, always on the go, inspired by everything around her. In conversation with Maia Sethna

The pretty (fabulous) life of Maia Sethna

1. Tell us five things you like to blog about?
Fashion, travel, beauty, wellness and my beagle!

2. When it comes to travel, your top destination and why?
Italy, for the buratta, the fashion, architecture, natural beauty and gelato (obviously!).

3. If not a blogger and influencer, which career path would you have chosen? 
I also work as a marketing consultant and enjoy bringing like-minded people and brands together. If it wasn’t for this I would like to have been a psychologist.

4. What about Isprava inspires the good life for you?
Everything about Isprava screams ‘slow life’ and that’s just what we need to be reminded of  – To slow down, take a break to appreciate everything around us.

5.  Is there any particular Isprava home you wish you could call home?
Villa Evora, definitely!

6. How would you design your perfect space?  
Minimal, spacious, surrounded by nature.