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Decor Elements to Augment Your Dining Area

20th Mar 2019


From exchanging sweet anecdotes and strengthening familial bonds at dinner to cooking up new plans over home-cooked cuisine, your dining room is more than just a space allotted for the purpose of eating. Bonds are made, laughter is shared, and stories are made over every meal on that table. Simply placing a piece of furniture there with some cutlery doesn’t pay justice to the value the area holds. Given the role it plays in a household, more thought and effort should be put into its making and designing. Here are a few tips from us!



There’s no better way to switch the ambience of a room than by installing the right kind of lights. For the dining room, it is imperative to keep the glow soft yet bright; neither too dim nor too loud. Pendulum lights, geometric ceiling lights, and chandeliers help amp up the aura within moments.



The importance of placing a centrepiece on a dining table is often not realised. However, given the drastic impact, that showpiece can have on the mood of the dining area is absolutely fascinating. An ornate candle holder, a set of votive candles, a flower vase, and a fruit basket are some elements that can be used as the centrepiece of a dining room.


Wall Decor

If you find your dining area exhibiting blandness, despite the right kind of light and an eye-catching centrepiece, then what space may be lacking is a character. Now, that can only be brought in with some art display on the wall of the room. A set of paintings, some family photographs, or a wall art up there are great ways to add some life to the room.


Serving Surface

Not just a surface to place all the food dishes and the cutlery at, the sideboard can also be an accessory to present your collection of antique vases and other show-pieces. Moreover, dinner parties and get-togethers can have a smooth organisation with the buffet being arranged at the sideboard. Functional yet an elegant add-on to the dining room, serving surfaces can easily augment the area.

Our luxury villas across India have all been designed with these small details kept in mind. Knowing how big a role these play in a room’s ambience, we not only incorporate these but also guide you through the same for your abode.




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