All that Isprava loves…

All that Isprava loves


Made with love, Igreha Vaddo Villa A

One community, six villas, in the enchanting Siolim of Goa. Here we open the doors to Igreha Vaddo Villa A, with a promise of stealing your hearts…

Made with love, Igreha Vaddo Villa A

A piece of a six-structure community, Igreha Vaddo Villa A is a beautiful masterpiece, made with detailed and intricate attention. Much like an old Goan hamlet, this home, which also happens to be Isprava’s first gated community, exudes a charm that is contagious. The home itself is set in a quaint and romantic surrounding with perfect views in equal balance. Villa A, a 2+1 bedroom home spread across two floors is one of the gems of this community. It features a beautiful entrance courtyard with a unique sit out section that sets it apart from other homes. The villa also has an aesthetically designed living and dining room, all located on the ground floor. On the first floor, you will find a beautiful terrace- balcony– the perfect place to host parties–as well as the master bedroom along with a den. Outside the home, a grand backyard with a sit out deck and gorgeous swimming pool awaits you. It is built with an allure to keep you wanting more. From the way the topography of the land was untouched to the use of lovely Portuguese architectural elements, garden balconies and seamless structure makes this home truly unique. The home’s layout is dynamic with plenty of natural light and air passing through the home; thanks to the abundance of windows. Every bit of this home has been thoughtfully designed. All you have to do is arrive, to fall in love.


In the day and age of sustainable design

Thinking green has become imperative today, in every field, including architecture and interiors. Isprava firmly stands by this virtue, and beautifully showcases how to blend luxury with eco-consciousness, in each of its homes.

architecture and interiors

While Isprava is practically synonymous with luxury, it is also known for its attention to the environment. The whole idea is to include an array of eco-friendly features in a home, without compromising on luxury. After all, sustainable design is simply smart design with a heart. Isprava goes the extra mile to responsibly source local finished materials that would have a minimal environmental impact, while also maintaining a high standard of luxury. Isprava stays mindful of the hurdles that may arise when you try to balance green practices with luxury, and converts those same hurdles into learnings, creating simple adjustments that provide the best results. Like by extending the entry foyer by a bit to ensure that the guests bring in less mud and dirt that would require cleaning. Essentially, you just have to think of smart ways to conserve waste. Isprava also prides itself in the use of age-old items with great traditional value. Isprava is known for its historical renovations and sourcing of artefacts from around India and the world. The biggest realisation is that green thinking in interiors and architecture is not just a trend, it is a reality that all must embrace, and evolve along with it to see greater innovation in sustainable design practices.


Mountains calling!

There is something about the mountains that just stays with you, long after you leave, that beckons you back, over and over again. The mountains are majestic, mesmerising and the perfect place of escape. Isprava’s Nilgiris calls your name, inviting you into its enchanting embrace…

mountains in nilgiris

Cool temperatures, mist in the air, glorious rolling hills of The Nilgiris–if you were thinking of where to go next, it is right here in front of you. The Nilgiris includes The Nilgiri plateau and its surrounding area that stretches over 5,000 sq km. It is home to rich biodiversity, cuisine, local initiatives, cultural and boutique experiences, and forests that come alive all through the year.

Here the line between human and animal habitation is blurred–you will discover herds of spotted deer along the roadsides, elephants and wild boar that come for regular drinks at their watering holes–there is plenty around for you to feel at one with the wild.

These mountains celebrate its wildlife with its heritage. When in The Nilgiris, do not miss visiting ‘The Nilgiri Mountain Railway’ toy train to Ooty. Promising beautiful mountain views along a 46-km stretch, it goes from 300ft to an elevation of over 7,000ft, spreading across the stunning landscapes of The Nilgiris. Make sure you get a window seat to enjoy the finest views.

The next best thing you find in any mountain destination is the delicious food. Here you must indulge in a traditional Coorgi spread. We recommend you try the panda curry, a spicy pork curry that is a local favourite. Enjoy it with steamed rice flour balls and wash it all down with some homemade wine.

From wildlife spotting in national parks to stunning scenic points, from luxurious boutique stays to tea trails that will spoil you for choice, the mountains always have so much to offer, especially Isprava’s Nilgiris.


From the world of luxury marketing

A branding and communications specialist for various luxury and lifestyle brands. A double major from the Denison University in Ohio. And the marketing force behind Twain Communications. In conversation with our very own Reyna Jagtiani on luxury, dream homes and more…

Reyna Jagtiani


1. Having worked with various luxury brands, what is the one thing about Isprava that resonates with you?
I believe that luxury is creation with meaning and intention and Isprava does this beautifully. Every part of the Isprava experience is thoughtfully curated to make it extremely special and incredibly memorable.

2. Luxury can be many things. What is it to you?
For me luxury is time. Time to spend with my friends and family and above all, time for myself.

3. In the hectic world of media and marketing, how do you unwind? Any particular Isprava home you would choose to do this?
I have a daily relaxation ritual – a tech-free, reading hour! I would, without question, pick Chepstow Hall in Coonoor to go do this. Its the perfect place to disconnect, and you know what they say… “silence is golden”!

4. Five elements that you would love in your dream home?
My ideal home would have lots of natural light, a large garden and pool, high ceilings, lots of handmade tiles (that Isprava uses so beautifully in so many of their homes), a reading room and most importantly, a beautiful view.

5. Goa for its beaches or the Nilgiris for its hillside serenity?
Nilgiris, definitely! I went to boarding school in The Nilgiris so the mountains feel like home to me.

6. Being in such a competitive field, how do you manage to keep the fire burning?
I don’t take myself too seriously – It’s important to find the right balance between work, play and most importantly rest! Spending time with my friends, family and myself is non-negotiable. And whenever I feel the exhaustion setting in, I have my fantastic business partner, Gauri, to either take over or keep me incredibly motivated and endlessly entertained.