What Sets Goa Apart From Other Destinations

What Sets Goa Apart From Other Destinations


Every year, tourists from not just this country, but also beyond, flock to this bewitching state of Goa for leisure. An esteemed location for more than just a handful of pleasures, it is a popular vacation choice for everyone. Goa goes synonymous with beaches and sizzling parties, yes; that is what essentially draws tourists here. However, what sets Goa apart from other travel destinations is a lot more than just that.


The Contrast

 famous beaches of Goa

The pleasing polarity of Goa is what is considered its focal point. This coastal venue constitutes calm and chaos, both in equal doses. And that is exactly what lures travellers from across the world. There is a sense of comfort found in every nook and corner; at the same time, there is buzzing energy that laces the atmosphere. The famous beaches of Goa are spots that exhibit this contrast alluringly. One can access beaches for some solace and soothing surrounding, and also reach those rippling with an adventurous spirit with water sports and other activities.

DJ Party in Goa

Apart from this, Goa is also home to the best party zones of the country. Concurrently, there is also a side of the state which appeals to all nature-lovers. The wild-life sanctuary, the quiet beaches and trees, and the majestic Dudhsagar Falls; if there is a dynamic angle of Goa, there is also one that is tranquil.


Culture Concoction

Portuguese colony in goa

Being a former Portuguese colony, invaded by other cultures and communities, Goa, today is a multicultural medley of various traditions and heritage. The Konkan and Hindu culture exist rightfully. However, traces of Portuguese and Mughal culture reflects in every detail too—from the food, dressing, music, dance, architecture, and the lifestyle in general. All the different cultures that held a solid influence over the state of Goa have now blended in seamlessly with the archaic Goan culture, making it what it is today. This captivating cultural concoction of Goa is what draws people to it. Seen in every aspect of the land, travellers love to embrace the peculiarity of the present Goa.

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Picture courtesy: TravelTriangle and Klook.