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Luxe buys of the Season

27th Feb 2019


There are some elements that can single-handedly bring out an aura of elegance in a room. Now, when it comes to luxury, contrary to what most people believe, it is all about subtlety and sophistication. Certain loud design and décor elements may also exhibit luxury well if balanced and complemented with the right kind of features. Nevertheless, everything eventually runs on trends. Based on them, we have compiled a few luxe décor buys that you can invest in.


Brass Accessories

Also ruling the décor trends for this year, brass is an easy and definite pass to a luxurious home interior. Opt for brass items over steel and other metals; vases, mirrors, and other showpieces to name a few. The subtle golden accent with brass items in a room will bring about a warm and regal ambience in your living space.


Velvet Sofa

Velvet is one fabric that exudes luxury in a subdued way. On cue, it is also on the trend list for the year. That is simply another reason to incorporate that into your home this season. A living room sofa draped in rich jewel-toned velvet would be a great piece to invest on to invite elegance to your room.


Pendulum Lights

There are quite a lot of lights that convey luxe when installed in the correct way in a room. However, not all these lights may be trending at the moment. What is archaically regal and every designer’s pick this year is the pendulum light. Conducive for the dining area, these lights suspending over the table would strike opulence, the vintage style.


Metallic Cushions

Pillows dressed in gold tones blended in with pale shades in the right proportion are our top recommendation. Decorative pillows streaked with a metallic finish over a white or neutral canvas are bound to bring about that grandness to a room.


Millennial Pink Dinnerware

Although, a fashion colour, we will see a lot of millennial pink in the interior space this time around. Crockeries with a faint, pink glow are great options to convey splendour in the dining area and otherwise.

Designing, building, and decorating holiday homes in India are our fortes. Needless to say, we are perpetually on the lookout for trends in the interior design and décor industry. And for the ongoing season, we think these trends would be absolutely ideal for your abode.


Picture courtesy: DigsDigs, The inspired home, decorpad, thettbs and The LK Design.

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