How Isprava contributes to Sustainability

How Isprava contributes to Sustainability



We, at Isprava, specialize in making luxury holiday homes that are indeed luxurious in every sense. And for us, luxury is not only constricted to a proportionate balance of comfort and convenience but also sustainability. We believe, the luxury industry is truly so when it gives back to the environment. Holding immense belief in the power of eco-friendly approaches, we incorporate the same into all our projects.

Water wastage

Water wastage and shortage is one primal concern for us today, and to manage the same from our end, we have certain water conservation practices that we encourage our guests to maintain every day by placing tent cards in our homes. Besides them, we install the drip and sprinkler irrigation systems and engage in rainwater harvesting in our homes. While the former helps save approximately 30% to 40% of the water that you would normally use, the latter reduces the demand for groundwater and helps to save on water expenses.

LED lights

Electricity is another resource that is often overused and wasted; its conservation is just as imperative as water. For this reason, we also encourage our guests to maintain a few habits daily that help cut down extra usage of electricity. Our homes are equipped with LED lights that consume 75 percent less energy and last longer than incandescent lighting. They are also designed in such a way that allows natural light and ventilation throughout the day. Moreover, we have solar panels installed on the rooftops of most of our homes, drastically reducing energy bills.

waste management programs

Now, simply conserving these resources is not the only route to sustainability. It also constitutes waste management. Our waste management programs in our homes include waste segregation, which is achieved by installing standardized color-coded German bins that have clear signage and are odour proof with wheels for easy transportation. Dry waste is collected and sent to a private waste treatment facility, and the compost from this waste is used for gardening in our homes. We also provide a home composter kit to create manure from food waste and other landscaping waste like plant trimmings, lawn shavings, dry leaves and branches. They are then recycled ecologically by composting and mulching.

With this eco-friendly path that we follow, we also have tree transplantation practice and more coming soon. We intend to stay devoted to contributing to the luxury sector, while also bringing about environment-friendly changes through our work.

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