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Top Interior Design Trends for 2019

04th Mar 2019


Although interior design trends are not as fast-moving and fickle as fashion trends, there is still a lot of rage and ardour around them. This year, we have a combination of eccentric, utility, and sustainability. There is environmental consciousness, acknowledgement of functionality over just façade, and preference of queer and edgy designs over soft and subtle. For the savants in the interior design and décor industry, and anyone who is fond of this art, here is a compilation of the top five trends for this year.


Statement Greens

Massive pot trees or peculiar and striking plants perched alongside the living room sofa or the dining table is what we see trending for this year. Lately, the usage and preference of pot plants in one's abode have been hiked, and we could not be happier to support the trend. Not just a subtle and effective way to bring nature in the house, but big and bold plants in your house are also a great way to strike a lively and warm impression.



With the wave of consciousness of the environment, it has been great to have eco-friendly elements infused into the design and décor trends lately. This year, we will get to watch this space grow. From incorporating renewable materials in the building of structures to using energy-saving tools and appliances, and natural décor like pot plants, this year is all about sustainability.

Multifunctional Designs

A catalyst to the ‘less is more’ aesthetic rule of design, this year’s trend of utility is more or less an accompaniment of that. Designers are going big on décor and furniture that are not functional, but also useful in more ways than one.


Bold and Bright Colours

The following months are going to be all about fun, lively, bold, and bright palettes in homes. From furniture drenched in funky colours to walls painted in them, there will be a surge in usage of happy shades this time.


Bohemian and Eclectic

So with the emergence of a funky palette in the industry, there is also an accompanying introduction of bohemian and eclectic accents. With perks of added character and a whimsical air in your abode, people are increasingly going for this theme.

Although these trends are cyclical and interconnected, the essence remains more or less the same. And we adhere to following them for our holiday homes in India!


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