How to Incorporate Heritage Elements into Your Home

How to Incorporate Heritage Elements into Your Home


Adapting to the contemporary design trends while also retaining the traditional aesthetic elements is more or less a requirement today. The same can also be a dilemma for interior designers. Today, people want to retain their culture and traditions just as much as they want to bring in a modern makeover. They need comfort and convenience, but they also need relevance to their heritage; an amalgamation of the two aspects can be tricky. Here are some ways you can inculcate heritage elements into your home.


Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture

Furniture that is picked from medieval times or one that resembles that heritage is a grand way to bring about a vintage touch in your living space. A statement table, a cupboard or a sofa that is etched with ancestral values is bound to add that essence without hampering with the otherwise present contemporary interior trends.



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Vintage elements can easily be inculcated into your home, provided, there is a sense of proportion and balance between the contemporary interior requirements. While using traditional pieces in your living space, mix in some subtle, modish accessories or lights to strike a stellar impression.


Subtle Accents

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Heritage elements can also be incorporated into a house with soft, secondary touches. A vintage colour splashed on the wall with vintage showpieces is what we recommend. Curtains, a painting or wall art that hold some heritage significance are some other ways that bring about an antique makeover to one’s home.

Tweaking certain prominent details in the house is also a great way to merge the old and the new elements; peculiar windows and ceilings, statement lights and the flooring that resembles a certain age. This is also one factor we abide by while designing our villas in Goa and properties in Coonoor and Kotagiri. We at Isprava, follow a distinct sharpness and significance of our traditions with the ideal mix of the modern design conventions!