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Find out what Isprava means and the philosophy that drives us

Discover timeless luxury and bespoke services with Isprava. Welcome to the Isprava experience.

“Isprava is truly disrupting the real estate sector in India. From before time delivery of homes to world class aesthetics, from the cleanest paperwork and land titles to supporting local communities. We believe that real estate is actually a luxury service and not a commoditized product. And what sets us apart is the narrow belief that our customer is a part of the family and not a paying client.” – Nibhrant Shah, Founder and CEO of Isprava.
It is these defining principles that we believe create the Isprava Experience. As the new year begins, we are excited to share with you a short video that captures the true essence of Isprava through the services and specially curated experiences we offer. Click on the link The Isprava Experience to get transported into true luxury.


A perfect weekend escape at Villa Evora

The concept of dream vacations changes from if to when, the second you stumble upon one of Isprava’s magnificent holiday homes, like Villa Evora.

There used to be a time when holidaying needed careful planning. When? Where? For how long? Not anymore. Isprava has changed the entire game with their stunning and uniquely designed villas which beat any seven-star luxury hotel. They don’t even compare. All of the sudden, every weekend, or weekday if you’re lucky, is the perfect opportunity to escape and recharge away from the stress of everyday life. And Isprava’s first home, Goa makes for an irresistible, and accessible option for an on the spur break. Stay as long or as short as you want, when you arrive at the beautiful Villa Evora in Assagaon, Goa.
The location has been handpicked to give you a bit of everything. Privacy, charm and proximity to the chicest bars, beaches and restaurants. Villa Evora is a beautifully built Portuguese-style home, with hand-finished walls, broken marble flooring and stained-glass windows. It’s got a cosy kitchen, 4 beautifully equipped bedrooms, a stunning garden with a private gazebo and a veranda which touches an expansive swimming pool. The entire home is accented by carefully sourced antiques – from an antique crockery cupboard in the kitchen to an antique cast iron bed which sits in the study, a holding of antique plates near the palatial door and vibrant paintings all around the house. If you have a thing with floors, Villa Evora will leave you spoilt for choice. Beige-and-white patterned flooring in one bedroom, distressed white wooden flooring in another, the bathrooms feature intricate mosaic walls and floors, while the steps that lead up to the bedroom are all made of hand-cut stone. The bedroom located upstairs features a balcony with antique wooden railings and a cosy sit out overlooking the poolside—the perfect place to shut away the rest of the world, and soak in Villa Evora’s unique charm.


Discover the Nilgiris, Isprava’s second home

Isprava handpicked the Nilgiris for its history and heritage, its beauty and charm, its many hidden secrets, waiting to be discovered – by you.


The Nilgiris is many things, but never the same thing twice. It’s got a bounty of things to indulge in, to admire, to escape to, leaving the rest of the world behind. For nature lovers, equestrian enthusiasts or golf fanatics, there’s something for everyone to experience and create unforgettable memories. Here is some of our favourite things to do…
Visit the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a treasured element and fabled charm of the Nilgiris since 1899. Accorded with a UNESCO World Heritage tag, the leisurely train journey meanders along 208 curves, charming valleys, forests, up the gradients, into the hills and inside and out of tunnels, passing tea plantations, greenery and birds along the way. But the train ride is just one among the many things you can do in the Blue Mountains. For those looking for spectacular views, take a hike up Doddabetta. Nature lovers will enjoy a visit to the famous Botanical Garden, Rose Garden and unusual Thread Garden. Sim’s Park – a beautiful terraced botanical garden should also be on your itinerary. Those looking to spot some wildlife, pick Mudumalai and Mukurthi national parks. Lamb’s Rock, Dolphin’s Nose, Lady Canning’s Seat, Catherine Falls, Droog Fort, Katteri Falls – the list is endless.

For all the insider information on popular cafes and restaurants, events, tourist attractions, clubs and getaways, visit the link here for access to our specially-curated, local-approved, ‘Discover’ – Isprava’s definitive guide to the Nilgiris.


Design on my mind

She’s a force to reckon in the world of interior design and architecture, Supriya Gandhi joins the Isprava family, designing Villa Capela among other fabulous projects.

Her signature style marries with Isprava’s design aesthetic so beautifully, that only once you arrive, will you understand the work of art, by Supriya Gandhi’s hands. In conversation with master interior designer herself…

What originally made you want to become an interior designer and architect?
As a child I was very curious and creative –  constantly drawing, doodling and dreaming. I loved making things with my hands so it was always going to be a creative field for me. I instinctively chose architecture as I believed that it would be a great medium to satiate my creativity.

Are you approach-driven or vision-driven when it comes to design.
A little bit of both I think. I usually approach a design project through the lens of its context and the clients brief, but that quickly adds up to a vision of what I want to achieve. My interests are wide ranging so everything I do always seems eclectic. My aim is to always be open minded and adopt the properties of a sponge, to constantly learn, evolve and grow.

What are some of the themes that unites your work, including Isprava’s villas?
If one were to study all my work till date I don’t think that  they would find an obvious common connection. However, there are a few core principles that I do swear by – architecture for me is the composition of spaces and the movement between those spaces. Therefore the connection of the outside to the inside through natural light, ventilation, the framing of views and of course physical connections are of supreme importance. I also believe that interior design is the creation of the spaces within which life will happen and therefore the design of these spaces, the visual connections and choices of movement patterns will essentially set the tone for how people will interact and do their everyday living.

Which architects or interior designers do you most admire?
Antonio Gaudi and Nari Gandhi – not only for their wildly impressive and superbly crafted structures but mainly for the freedom with which they design, not letting the mundane and ordinary constraint their creativity!

How has your experience with Isprava been? What does Isprava luxury mean to you?
I have had a great experience working with isprava. I respect Nibhrant’s vision and the company’s commitment to good design. Isprava is redefining what luxury homes are and I’m glad to be part of the journey!

How have you incorporated the element of luxury to transform Isprava’s villas into homes that are indeed works of art?
My favourite part of Isprava homes is that we use old doors and windows, which means that each house is always unique and has started its life with a little history. It’s not always easy to design a house with these doors and windows but I think it’s such a luxury to have access to them and the end product makes it totally worthwhile. In addition I’ve always believed that luxury is synonymous with exclusivity and with an Isprava home you are never in any danger of ending up with a house that is the same as somebody else. It will not even be the similar to another Isprava home and that to me is true luxury.

What is your favourite Isprava villa, and why?
I think I still have to design that one!! 🙂