Celebrating success this February




Luxury’s chosen one!

This year’s ET NOW Awards saw many worthy contenders for the prestigious Real Estate Brand of the Year award. But only one stole the show. Drumroll… and the winner is Isprava!

With the endeavour to change the face of holiday home real estate in India, Isprava stead forward trying to make a real difference in the industry. What started as a mere concept today has disrupted the landscape. Changing the game in terms of ease of doing business, smart and chic rentals and offering exquisitely designed, bespoke homes to clients in Goa and the Nilgiris, Isprava delivers dream homes akin to works of art. It’s no wonder that the brand bagged the Real Estate Brand of the Year award at this year’s ET NOW Awards.
Conceptualised to celebrate success in the world of real estate for innovation, design and excellence, the awards brought together the who’s who of real estate, and honoured Isprava for its exemplary work, dedication and fast-paced success. “As we scale up, we remain dedicated to building beautiful, exclusive homes, each telling its own story. One Isprava home will never feel like another because each of our clients is so different, we aim to reflect a bit of their personality in these homes”, says Nibhrant Shah, Founder and CEO of Isprava. We look forward to many more successes along the way.


Home is where the heart is, at Villa Verde

Looking for the perfect getaway in the month of love? Cupid’s bow points to Isprava’s Villa Verde, which sets the mood for love with everything from luxe interiors to staggering scenic views, or both!

It’s time to get swept off your feet, as you make your way to Isprava’s Villa Verde. Located in the fashionable area of Anjuna in North Goa, this charming villa gives you every excuse in the book to celebrate romance. Whether it’s sipping green tea as you exchange sweet nothings in the flower garden at the entrance of the villa, or throwing back home-made cocktails in the courtyard before taking a dip in the swanky pool, every inch of the villa is designed to enamour you. In fact, it’s been styled with such loving attention to detail, that it would leave even the most discerning at a loss for words. From the pool deck paved with hand-cut white sandstone from Udaipur to the pastel green heritage door that opens into the lavish interiors – if you have a thing for floors, you will particularly fall in love with the hand-cut white and yellow zig zag flooring in the spacious living area. The villa, made up of 4 elegant bedrooms, is suitably grand and decadent, with exquisite ancient stone elephants, massive arches which separate the dining area, heirloom antiques, stained glass windows and oil paintings. The master bedroom features Juliette balconies, shrouded in greenery, which offers a 360-degree view of the enchanting Anjuna area, the perfect spot to soak in the tranquillity, and feel the love.


The art of curation

Isprava doesn’t settle for the ordinary. Each home, design or space must be extraordinary. And the way they do it, is by giving an intricate attention to detail and an art of curation unlike any other.

To make a house into a home, Isprava leaves no stone unturned. Every villa is accented by the most stunning pieces of art, curated carefully from palaces around the world. Whether it is a bedside table or a chair that sits uniquely apart from the rest in the living room – everything is handpicked keeping in mind an eccentric, high design style in each Isprava home. When you walk in to any villa, you will discover the best vintage pieces that bring power to the space. The finest paintings, the chicest pieces of furniture, the rarest antiques that give each room a new lease of life. The things you will come across in each home are a product of Isprava’s level of connoisseurship. The team looks for rarity, signature, provenance and value. It’s all very conceptual. Isprava chooses pieces that can be used in a traditional house, but once placed in a certain, more rarefied environment, like an Isprava home, they stand out like pieces of art. It’s all about eclectic decorating – things that remain timelessly elegant and desirable, making every space a visual treat that will be appreciated and envied no matter who the audience is. Every piece inside an Isprava home is museum- worthy, every piece has a story to tell.


A melting pot of talent

A millennial mover and shaker in her own right, Devika Pathak has made her mark in many different arenas. Today she talks to Isprava about what keeps her ticking and the things about Isprava that she loves the most.

Q. You’ve travelled the world, worked in diverse spheres, from development to CSR, investment to F&B, and even been a writer – tell us more?
I get bored very easily so I’m always trying to find ways to stay busy, and work is a huge part of that. It took me quite a few years (and jobs) to figure out what it was that I really loved and wanted to do, and I’ve been so fortunate to have discovered that. I love to write and the fact that I get to do it as part of my job is still baffling to me! ​

Q. As a writer, what inspires you?
Honestly, I find it very difficult to be inspired. I read a lot and listen to tons of podcasts, and these are the places I tend to find the most inspiration. It can be really random though, from a piece of graffiti on the side of a road to a conversation with a friend, there is inspiration everywhere but it really depends on the kind of mindset you are in. On one day, the view of fishing boats in the ocean off the Sea Link might inspire me whereas on another day, they seem totally mundane.

Q. How would you define your dream home? And what would have to be a part of its design?
In terms of a dream home, it would have to have a huge pool and a ​garden big enough for one or two dogs​. I would love to have a ​lovely kitchen, preferably open so that I can chat while I cook, and feature lots of colour. ​In terms of design, I really love the way Isprava weaves old and new so beautifully. I would love something that looks and feels rustic while still having all the comfort of a modern space. I love the handmade tiles Isprava uses in their different homes, I feel these add a very bohemian quality to a space.

Q. Isprava strives to offer a slice of the luxe life, what are some of your favourite things about Isprava?
I’ve been lucky enough to have stayed in a few of the Isprava villas and what I love the most is the aesthetic. The homes are so breathtaking that every single time I visit, I’m a little blown away. I also love how they’ve gone above and beyond to create a 360-degree luxury experience. This could mean everything from the communication you have prior to checking in to a villa, to the way the rooms are done up, to the professionalism of the staff and the brilliant locations.

Q. Your favourite Isprava villa, and why?
This is a tough question! I think I would have to pick Villa Capela. I actually haven’t visited the villa after it was built, but I did go there during construction and was immediately taken by the incredible view the pool has over green paddy fields. I can only imagine how amazing watching the sun set from this spot must be. I also love the vibrant colours used in this home, that’s something that always draws me in.