Sourcing History through Decor

While the overall construction and radiant façade of Isprava homes set them apart in the luxury real estate sector, it’s the finesse with which each home is uniquely decorated that makes them so precious to the discerning eye.

The Isprava team travels across India sourcing furniture from ancient palaces and mansions that make it to the palatial homes and villas that they create for their luxe clientele. Andrew, who believes that the roots, legend and lineage of the furniture make them timeless, says, “Our thought process while sourcing furniture is to transport one back to the grandeur of the past, to the heritage and lineage that these great palaces and mansions have.”

While regal décor may work naturally in a home designed to look so, Isprava homes are created to balance the heritage with the contemporary. This makes the villas a perfect blend of the modern and the classical. Andrew finds that this is truly what resonates with those looking to buy a holiday home. He says, “Just as the strength of a tree is dependent on its roots, we too veer to our roots of heritage and select décor that complements not only the grandness of our homes but also the modern amenities that we provide. In doing so, we create a seamlessly fit that appears as if it were meant to be there.”

The bedrooms in Isprava homes have antique louvered doors sourced from the palace of a Maharaja in Gujarat. Legend has it that this monarch was fascinated by French emperor Louis XIV, also considered Le Roi-Soleil or the Sun King.

Andrew adds, “He was enamored by French royalty that he brought down a French architect who recreated some of that elegance in a castle for the Maharaja. In 2013, Isprava bought a lot of the antique furniture from this castle that now adorn bedrooms and bathrooms of Isprava homes like Branco, Cecelia and Verde.”