Isprava Going Places


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It’s been a great month for us at Isprava. The company recently got funded and our success story made headlines!

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Internationally Isprava

50′ inside the mag one of the most popular media channels in France features an insider’s look into the stunning Villa Cecelia with Isprava founder – Nibhrant Shah. 50′ inside discovers distant countries, escapes to exceptional and often inaccessible places and visits landmarks of the stars. Known to take a viewer where they have never been, we were delighted to offer a sneak peak into the luxurious life of Isprava. To watch the entire video click here

Evocative Break at Villa Evora

As couples scramble to find the perfect destination for the summer, there is nothing more precious than giving each other exclusive time and space. Intimacy with indulgence is the hallmark of Isprava’s Villa Evora, and it’s ripe for rental during this season.

Hidden in a quiet street in the village of Badem, this charming Portuguese villa combines heritage aesthetics with modern amenities. A foyer leads into a passage with hand-finished walls, broken marble flooring and a stain glass window that lets in a kaleidoscope of sun rays.

The kitchen has cozy breakfast seating and an antique crockery cupboard that makes the process of cooking together more cherished. The master bedroom has distressed white wooden flooring and antique furniture paired with bright cushions and vibrant paintings. Across from the bedroom is an airy living and dining area with a triple-height sloping roof.

Arched doorways lead out onto a veranda that touches a swimming pool. Unwind with the perfect bubbly by the poolside and take the tipples to the gazebo garden for a fitting dining experience under the stars.

Give your love the privacy it needs and the luxury it deserves, at Villa Evora.

Another Brick on the Wall

Good people make great companies. This is the foundation on which Isprava has built its team. As our family grows we strive to maintain our brand philosophy. Megha Sondhi epitomizes the quintessential Isprava Operations Manager

A graduate from Tata Institute of Social Science, Megha started her professional career working with an internet start-up and later a big data analytics firm before joining the Isprava family.

Motivated to learn the ropes of real estate operations and handling the purchase process from start to finish, Megha has quickly become an integral member of the operations team.

When asked about her tenure so far Megha happily stated that “Isprava is a real estate heaven; because not only is the end product a unique experience but being a luxury firm it offers an opportunity to think big. The best benchmark in terms of techniques, processes and most of all the interiors are encouraged, which makes our job interesting.”

The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn a skill and the willingness to learn a choice. Megha has understood the importance of learning and is focused on absorbing as much knowledge as she can in her quest to be the best in her field.