Summer Getaways


The hotter it gets, the more tempted we are to pack up and jet off to an exotic locale-  somewhere cooler and away from the hassles and worries of work and home. Isprava is in the business of building incredible holiday homes in Goa and the Nilgiris though part of what we do is also creating incredible experiences and memories for our homeowners. We do this by offering rentals which means that before you purchase a luxury villa in Goa, you can get a taste of the Isprava experience and see what it means to be part of our story. We have a concierge service for all our homeowners who are at your beck and call. They can organize a candle-lit dinner and Goa’s finest restaurant or make sure that your kids have enough pool toys when they arrive home. We also have property management service in all our homes which include all your basics like gardening, plumbing and electrical work and luxury additions like 24-hour staff, drivers, car rentals and more.

holiday homes in Goa

Creating these experience in India has made us realize that one doesn’t need to travel abroad for a fantastic holiday. There are so many great locations in India that we often forget about or overlook. Here are our top summer getaways within the subcontinent.

The Nilgiris

The Nilgiris

Of course we are very partial to the Nilgiris however, you can’t really blame us. With peak temperatures of about 23 degrees and lows of 14-17 degrees, the Nilgiris provide picture perfect views and cool, summer breezes. The hills are dotted with lush tea plantations that make great day trips while those who want to indulge in a round of golf have options at various clubs in the area. The Nilgiris are very easily accessible from cities like Coimbatore making the journey easy enough to manage with your whole family in tow. We have already started construction of our luxury holiday homes in the Nilgiris are urge you to learn more about these grand properties.




Ladakh is one of India’s most incredible wonders. Set amidst the towering Himalayas, Ladakh offers almost unrealistic, supernatural landscapes that will make you feel not only that you’ve left India, but this planet. An ex-Buddhist kingdom, Ladakh is home to stunning gompas (Tibetan monasteries) where you’ll find colour flags fluttering in the chilly breeze. The mountain walls that enclose Ladakh make for a truly unique landscape. Because many of the roads are closed during the winter months when the snow is heavy, summer is the perfect time to visit the area.


Goa BeachesIf a cooler climate is not for you then Goa is always a good option. Easily accessible from all major cities in India and a few abroad, there is always something going on in Goa. Up until a few years ago, Goa in the monsoon was not considered visit-worthy however thanks to more and more people moving to the green paradise, the monsoons have become our favourite time here. You have fewer crowds, more greenery, lots of eating and drinking options and that signature Goa vibe all through the year now which makes Goa the perfect summer escape.


beauty of Sikkim


One of the less explored areas of Indian, the north east is becoming more and more popular with travelers. The beauty of Sikkim is unparalleled and has lots of things to do such as white water rafting, trekking, visiting monasteries and more. Sikkim was an independent kingdom till 1975 which is why it has such a distinctive energy and spirit. You can navigate through mazes of lush woodlands while looking over the white peaked Himalayas for a more adventurous holiday.