Charmed by Chepstow Hall


Surrounded by lush greenery, tea plantations and soaring mountain peaks, Chepstow Hall transports you to the very lap of the verdant Nilgiris. With nature in abundance, the 1, tea estate in Coonoor is built with Saxon architectural themes and classic English design, paying tribute to India’s colonial heritage.

Set one foot on the property and you will find yourself time-travelling to a past where British aristocracy summered at Coonoor. The four-bedroom estate is replete with antique furniture and artefacts sourced from palaces and mansions in India and Europe, creating a decidedly colonial ambience with a strong sense of Indian-ness.

A 90-minute drive from Coimbatore Airport, Chepstow Hall is a testament to luxury, beauty and comfort. The trekking trails, waterfalls and tea county make it the perfect escape. The home features floor to ceiling windows, a sloping roof with shingles, vintage fireplaces, wooden flooring and wainscoting, creating a cosy feeling in a luxuriously massive home. Furnished with customised fittings, handmade lighting fixtures, unique floor tiles, imported and brass antique detailing, Chepstow Hall gets its distinct character and warmth from its plush cushions, cashmere throws and hand-woven rugs.

The ground floor has a kitchen, living and dining rooms, study and two guest bedrooms. The first floor features two more bedrooms, which give you the privacy and exclusivity Isprava is known for.