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How to Incorporate Heritage Elements into Your Home

How to Incorporate Heritage Elements into Your Home

  Adapting to the contemporary design trends while also retaining the traditional aesthetic elements is more or less a requirement today. The same can also be a dilemma for interior designers. Today, people want to retain their culture and traditions just as much as they want to bring in a modern makeover. They need comfort and convenience, but they also need relevance to their heritage; an amalgamation of the two aspects can be tricky. Here are some ways you can inculcate heritage elements into your home.   Antique Furniture Furniture that is picked from medieval times or one that resembles …


  1. Rocky Mountain High When Arati Shriram is not enjoying the environs of her stunning Isprava home, she’s climbing various summits to satiate her love for the mountains. An active trekker since over a decade, Arati has just returned from a heady journey to Mt. Kilimanjaro. “Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest free standing mountain in the world and requires no technical experience; just a lot of willpower and grit. We knew that it was going to be an extremely challenging trip. How many reach the summit is an elusive statistic. I had a rigorous schedule of cardio and strength …

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