1. Rocky Mountain High

When Arati Shriram is not enjoying the environs of her stunning Isprava home, she’s climbing various summits to satiate her love for the mountains. An active trekker since over a decade, Arati has just returned from a heady journey to Mt. Kilimanjaro.

“Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest free standing mountain in the world and requires no technical experience; just a lot of willpower and grit. We knew that it was going to be an extremely challenging trip. How many reach the summit is an elusive statistic. I had a rigorous schedule of cardio and strength training but nothing prepares you for the extremes in climate there,” says Arati while talking about her preparations for the trek.

Despite being mentally prepared for the rigorous trek, Arati was committed to wanting to enjoy her experience there. Although the goal was to summit Uhuru Peak at 19350 ft, her focus was more about the journey. “I believe that one just has to replace any fear with curiosity and focus on the next step. We had a great team and amazingly, our entire group summited!”

Mt. Kilimanjaro is a climb through all kinds of terrain and vastly fluctuating temperatures. One has to go through five different ecosystems — from rainforest to alpine desert to arctic snowcap—tackling each day in a completely different way with long days and slow walking. “Kilimanjaro is a high altitude trek, but more critically because the speed of ascent on most Kilimanjaro routes is relatively rapid. We chose the 9-day Northern circuit route, which gives enough time to acclimatize. On ascent day, we started walking at 11pm and reached the first summit point at 6:30 am. It was a long harsh climb but nothing prepares you for the views and adrenaline high that one gets on reaching the Roof of Africa,” gushes Arati, who is now inspired to push herself towards bigger and stronger challenges.

2. Nibhrant in Movers & Makers

Our very own Nibhrant Shah was picked by Condé Nast Traveller to be a part of an exclusive list of Movers and Makers in India, who have through their own distinct styles, rewritten the landscape of their industry. Within just four years, Isprava through the leadership and vision of Nibhrant, has become a name to reckon with in the space of luxury real estate.

3. Isprava at a glance

Year 2016-17 of Isprava at a glance.

At Isprava, giving back to the community and the environment is a critical part of how we operate. Whether through eco-friendly construction techniques, providing employment to the dying community of local artisans, organizing garbage collection drives, planting new trees, etc., Isprava is conscious of our responsibility to give back to the community.

4. Future of Real Estate. RE 2.0


Real estate in India has plateaued in recent times. The industry is undoubtedly competitive but it is also prone to being rather fickle. Buying a home may still be a process that requires a fair bit of background checks and research, but buying a luxury home takes that up several notches.

Against this backdrop, we, the pioneers in the luxury holiday home market segment, has changed the way this rather niche segment functions. Believing that there’s more to the process of buying a home than just signing a cheque after shortlisting homes, we offer unmatched attention to detail. With its dealings kept clear and obfuscated, it has raised the bar for real estate in the country, where the industry can be notoriously vague.

The integrity that is assured with the dealing of each home, and the exclusivity that comes with the design and décor of each property puts us in a unique position in the uber luxury segment. The future of this segment looks bright with leaders like us moving forward in leaps and bounds, while taking all others with them.