Things to do in Goa


Isprava builds luxury holiday homes in Goa and the Nilgiris which means, we spend quite a bit of time in both these locations. Last week, we shared a list of a few of our favourite things to do when we visit the Nilgiris. When you buy a holiday home in Goa, you should naturally be interested in spending time in Goa where there is so much to do.

Goa is a rich state filled with history and this often goes unnoticed. Next time you’re visiting the sunny state, we suggest you try out one of the activities on this list and you’ll be ready to buy your holiday home soon after!


Basilica of Bom Jesus
Goa has a huge number of beautiful and important churches, with the Basilica of Bom Jesus perhaps being the most famous. The Basilica was constructed in 1605 and is famous in the Roman Catholic world for being the site where the remains of St. Francis Xavier are housed. You can view his body in the mausoleum while admiring the late-Renaissance style architecture and design. Most churches in Old Goa are layered with lime plaster on the outside however this is the only church which exposes the laterite stone that the church is made of.



Although you may be familiar with the newest and hippest restaurants in the Goa dining scene, it seems we are always drawn back to old favourites. The brainchild of Greek entrepreneur Mariketty, Thalassa has become famous for its sunset views, potent cocktails, plate breaking and authentic Greek food. Reserve a table by the cliff around 6pm so you can catch the sunset dipping into the Arabian Ocean before getting started with a round of sangria.

The Beach


Before you start protesting that this list is becoming too obvious, we wanted to share an insider’s tip with you. Most of Goa’s beaches are quite clean and empty but there are areas that are very crowded and are not ideal for sunbathing. Drive over to Ashwem beach, where you will find La Plage, Marbella and other attractions. Find Gopal’s shack and rent a sunbed from him for INR 300. Gopal will make sure your beer is cold and food hot as you lay out and listen to the tide roll in.

Bat Island


Located only a kilometer off Baina beach, Bat Island is a small, rocky beach where you can do some great snorkeling and soak up the sun. A popular tourist destination, Bat Island is striking and beautiful due to its unique topography and lazy vibe. There are many small boats who will willingly take you to the island but we suggest renting a private yacht through our Isprava Concierge and cruising over to the island before spending the afternoon snorkeling.

Dudhsagar Falls


With a name that translates to mean ‘sea of milk’ you can only image how magnificent the Dudhsagar Falls are. Located on the border between Goa and Karnataka, Dudhsagar is a four-tiered waterfall on the Mandovi River. The waterfalls are surrounded by the Western Ghats and national parks with intense greenery and rich biodiversity. The drive to the falls is about 60km making this a great option for nature lovers wanting something different.