Interview with Ronak Mody

  With a strong background in architecture, Ronak joined Isprava as an interior designer, last year in the month of September. With a balanced, well-developed aesthetic, Ronak has been integral in the development of many of our homes and continues to be a delight to work with. Tell us a bit about yourself, how did […]

Interview with Siddharth Sharma

  Goa has a universal appeal; the greenery, the quiet and energy of this city is incomparable. Just ask Siddharth, our Operations Manager in Goa. He left the big city and found everything he was looking for in Goa, along with an exciting role at Isprava. We chat with him about this transition and more. Tell […]

Why Isprava?

Villa Verde - Anjuna, Goa

  Living in a big city has its benefits; you have easy access to public services, shopping, entertainment options and businesses. However, there is something to be said about living a simpler life. Go back to the days of your childhood when life was carefree and close to nature. This is what we try to […]

Portuguese Colonial Architecture

  There is something magical about Goa villas. They have a sense of old world charm fused with local flair and tradition. All our Isprava holiday homes in Goa are built keeping in mind the Portuguese history of the state. Did you know Portugal ruled Goa for around 450 years? This means that apart from […]

Golfing in the Nilgiris

Isprava builds luxury homes in Goa and most recently, the Nilgiris. Owning land in Kotagiri or property in Ooty means you have the ability to enjoy cool weather throughout the year, unrivalled scenery and be surrounded by untouched nature. These pristine locations are some of the few remaining unspoiled destinations in the country and we […]