The ultimate 2020 gifting guide

Gifting is an art that must come from the heart. The Luxe Box, a personalised luxury gifting service founded and curated by stylist and image consultant Hina Oomer Ahmed, exemplifies this statement in every thoughtful bundle of joy it creates. Today they write to you, equipping you with all the gifting tips and tricks you will ever need.

Defining decadence as happiness

Happiness is a state of mind they say. Arpana Punjabi finds happiness in food, luxury, travel and the unique experiences life brings her. Isprava measures her happiness quotient.

India inspired cuisine

Impressing audiences everywhere with ‘India Inspired’ fare, Hunger Inc’s The Bombay Canteen and O Pedro are doing the most unique of things in the culinary industry, taking its following on a rollercoaster ride of flavours and uniting the world with food, one unique plate at a time.

Around the world of interiors

A mover and shaker of interior design, Laila Bijlani Malpani’s career takes her across the globe and keeps her inspired a step of the way.

Travel goals for the new decade

Fashion stylist extraordinaire, Antara Motiwala takes us through her travel agenda for the new year, from her favourite destinations to off the beaten path journeys on her wish list and all the motivation to inspire your own itinerary.

The entrepreneurial rollercoaster of dreams

From a rich legacy to a love for fearlessly experimenting, Samyukta Nair talks to us about her diverse launches and how she continues to break boundaries wherever her path leads her.

Giving back

Built with a mission to inspire hope, spread the joy of education and propagate real change, Gayatri Ghadiok an award-winning doctor and her husband, Rajen Ghadiok, the forces behind Rohini Ghadiok Foundation, give everyone a reason to smile.

The craft beer revolution in India

The craze, passion and penchant for craft beer in India has been abundant in the recent few years, and with makers like White Owl Brewery in the mix, it’s only going to grow. From the brewery’s journey to all the facts and figures you need to know, it’s all here…

The master of the minimal

“Simple moments make the biggest statements”, heiress, socialite and astonishing artist Dia Mehta Bhupal’s mantra rings true in everything she does.