Dear gift giver,

There are so many occasions in a year, so many reasons to gift your loved ones. From birthdays to wedding anniversaries, farewell parties to bridal parties, graduation day celebrations to festive occasions—the list is endless. But sometimes, one does not even need a reason or occasion to pull out the wrapping paper. It could just be a random gesture to express how much you care. The whole concept of gifting is joyous, wherein it also gives the gifter, who is you, equal joy as it does the recipient. And that is something we at The Luxe Box identify with deeply. We therefore try our best to make the otherwise thought to be complex and exhausting process of gifting, something to look forward to, with our carefully curated services.

The most common thing we hear when it comes to gifting is “how do we gift someone something who has everything.” The challenge of mastering the art of gifting is actually to go back to the simplicity of it. And so we gift you all the tips we have in our box to meaningful gifting…

1. Remember it’s all about the recipient. So when you are picking something out you have to be conscious of their tastes and lifestyle. So constantly ask yourself questions when you think of an item that they would like. Even if the gift is something as simple as a candle, it should be about the kind of fragrance they love. Do they entertain a lot? If so, maybe one statement making candle for the living room would be ideal. Do they meditate a lot? Then perhaps go for a gently scented spa candle.

2.Keep it simple. Sometimes trying too hard to be too unique could backfire and generate an undesired effect. Simple yet thoughtful, that should be your formula. Some cool ideas include: a pair of vintage earrings, a coffee table book on a subject of their interest, a memorable picture framed beautifully. Think simple and a million ideas will emerge. Don’t let it get too complicated.

3. Gift experiences. No one can have too many of them as every new experience creates an opportunity for new memories. Some of our best gifted experiences are: a weekend getaway to a luxury spa, concert tickets or gift a class so you can learn something new together and spend that quality time as well.

4. Add a floral touch. Flowers are always a fail safe. They are always a good idea. Maybe not in isolation, but as an addition they definitely make an impact. Whether it’s a bunch of flowers or a few floral cuttings, you’ll win hearts for sure. For a more lasting impact, add a herb plant or a succulent they can tend to.

5. Don’t forget, men love to be pampered too. Gifting men has always been seen as a challenge, but we say, don’t get intimidated by it. They love to be spoilt just as much, whether they will ever admit it or not. So shower them with luxurious grooming products, custom leather, on-trend fashion buys, the new sneaker that has just dropped or gadgets and gizmos on their wish list.

6. Play with colour and texture when it comes to packaging. Go pastel or pop in your wrapping or gift box choices, and finish it off with beautiful gross grain or double satin ribbons. The effort you take in these small details tend to go a long way in showing how much you care.

7. Personalisation is always a winner. Going the bespoke route really shows that you’ve put a lot of thought and attention to detail in the gift. So if possible and if you have time on your hands, whether it’s luggage tags, a bottle of bubbly or linen, try and monogram the gift for that extra affectionate touch.

8. Let your gift tell a story. A gift that references a story shared between people isn’t only priceless, but it is timeless and inimitable as well. It is something that no one else could have ever given them and something that the recipient will always go back to and cherish. It could be a food you both enjoy from the first time you met, or flight tickets back to a place you explored together.

9. A note speaks a million words. A genuine, heartfelt note completes any gift to perfection. Share a favourite quote, anecdote or even an Instagram hashtag to set the tone. A note will truly be
treasured for life and may even
outlast the actual gift.

10. Give yourself time. Even though gifting tends to be a last minute adventure for most, you will feel more fulfilled if you spend a little time to think of something that would be meaningful, thoughtful and truly appreciated. We recommend keep a calendar or journal of important events and celebrations, and even of the random days you just feel like giving.

Happy Gifting!
Love, The Luxe Box