Anyone who meets this happy soul, would instantly feel the joy emanate. She spills, “I am generally a happy person and making others happy is what gives me immense peace. We have one life to live, let’s do it smiling.” This philosophy of spreading happiness coupled with the fact that most like Arpana seek happiness in food, one of the greatest joys of life, is what enabled Arpana to start her blog, Whatmakesappyhappy. “I have grown up seeing my parents entertain lavishly at home. Our delicious dining table was my mother’s pride and joy, and everyone always looked forward to these parties. I observed my mom giving out all her contacts when people would ask. Be it food, dessert or anything. By the time I started entertaining guests, I noticed how so many women were so secretive about their contacts, and to be honest, I found it entirely absurd! Whatmakesappyhappy was born literally out of my sheer desire to spread the word of so many wonderful gourmet contacts.” Arpana has her own little black book with the best tried and tested contacts. She realised that she lives in a city that is a treasure trove of fantastic delights and through her blog she wanted to make sure to spread the word.

Besides making others happy, what makes Arpana happy? She emphatically exclaims: “FOOD! I am a sucker for home cooked food since I grew up with a mother who could replicate Cordon Bleu dishes in our very own kitchen.” From Arpana’s blog, Whatmakesappyhappy, you can pick out amazing recipes and options ranging from non vegetarian, vegetarian to vegan, gluten-free to keto-friendly, sugar-free and more. The next thing that sparks her smile is TRAVEL. As for happiness in luxury, she says, “My ultimate luxury is an ISPRAVA HOME. The Goa properties are simply 7-star with every little detail taken care of. I will never forget the big box of the infamous Isprackies that were waiting to welcome me at Villa Capela. Thank you Nibhrant, that was one of our finest family vacations.”

Appy’s happINESS formula for you:

  1. A happy state of mind is vital
  2. Honesty and a practical approach to life are good ways to progress
  3. One must talk their problems out and not keep them bottled in
  4. Travel, eat, meditate, work hard and just always strive to be a better human
  5. I am a strong believer in The Secret. It truly works, and it changed a lot in my life