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Nature and the villa


Why Villa Brisa is the home of your dreams

If you happen to be planning the purchase of a holiday home, Isprava’s Villa Brisa in Anjuna, Goa, promises to be the perfect choice.

Large villa & a pool

Can you imagine waking up inside a home that spells perfection? All sloping rooves and acres of green, with a stunning private pool that’s open to the blue skies. That is exactly what you can expect at Villa Brisa, Anjuna.

Complete with four ensuite bedrooms, Villa Brisa sprawls across ~ 975 sqm and, needless to say, is steeped in absolute luxury. Inspired by the Mediterranean design style, the villa boasts dreamy balconies that offer striking views of lush green fields. Its sparkling private pool will invite you to take a nice long dip, while its sub-tropical garden will look amazing on your Instagram feed! There is even a small water body at the villa that lends itself beautifully to sun downers, paired with plenty of cocktails.

Easy access to Anjuna’s prime restaurants and bars. Verdant environs to gaze into when you just want to do nothing. Excellent amenities at your fingertips. What more could you possibly need from your holiday home?


Need a weekend escape? Go no further than Villa Magnolia, Alibaug

Aiming for a quick getaway that’s as luxurious as it is enjoyable? All you need to do is drive down to Lohono Stays by Isprava’s Villa Magnolia in Alibaug – a haven of tranquillity and breath-taking beauty.

Luxurious villa

Located in a lush, blissful patch of Chondi Village, Villa Magnolia is everything that you need from a holiday home. It is surrounded by plenty of greens, has its own beautiful pool and can accommodate as many as 10 (+2) guests.

Here, you can hop onto the patio swing and finally read that book you have been meaning to finish. You can indulge in some sunbathing out on the terrace, with a cup of tea or coffee by your elbow. You can splash around in the pool with friends and family, and work up an appetite. And then, you can order-in lip-smacking seafood from a local restaurant that serves the most delicious curries, grills and fried dishes.

Villa Magnolia’s five spacious bedrooms are well-knitted with comfortable poster beds, wooden louvered doors and interesting vintage artefacts. The villa also offers quick and easy access to Kihim and Awas beaches as well as other famous spots such as Kankeshwar Temple and Kolaba Fort. Alternately, you can stay indoors and choose from a selection of board games or host a scrumptious BBQ out on the greens, with the help of your villa attendants. Sum it all up with cocktails on the terrace as the sun begins to set.

Take it from us – there is no better place for a picture-perfect getaway.


Light Up Your Life

What is the latest in lighting? How can you make an ordinary space extraordinary with the right lights? We found out.

Well furnished villa

If you didn’t know this already, lights can definitely make or break a space. When it comes to designing a space, it’s not just about choosing from the right paint swatches or picking the right furniture. There is such a lot that you can do with light fixtures! Be it wall sconces, twinkling chandeliers or even lamps, choosing the right one for the right space can transform it in more ways than one. To get you started, here are some of the coolest lighting trends in home décor this season.


Going Natural

Joining the sustainability bandwagon, light fixtures are now being crafted with natural materials. This includes burlap, wood and other organic material. Consider investing in a basket pendant light, a burlap lampshade or even wooden lamps. They do wonders when it comes to adding a rustic vibe to any given space.

Metal Mania

This year is all about metal. Come to think of it, they do look pretty cool and snazzy, especially if you are going for copper or vintage metal lamps. Copper is very popular this season, so keep an eye out for some trendy copper light fixtures that you can add to your office space or even to your kitchen, depending on the design theme you have got going there.

Bigger Is Better

Make a statement this season with…yes, statement lights! Statement chandeliers work really well, as do oversized ceiling light fixtures like glass pendant lights and square-shaped fixtures crafted with crystals or metal. You can even experiment with floor lamps and pick the most extravagantly designed shapes to add character to your room.

Shape Up

Geometric lights are all the rage this season. Sharp squares, triangles and rectangles, among other shapes and patterns, have been used to create some of the most nifty-looking lights. From light-bulbs tucked inside sleek metal cages to geometric chandeliers in multiple shapes, the choices are plenty!


Confessions of a chocolate maker 

Velvety, luscious, delicious… chocolate is one of the finest things in life. We at Isprava, are forever fans. In conversation with Devansh Ashar, Founder of Pascati chocolates, we find out the sweet pleasures of his life.

Devansh Ashar, Founder of Pascati chocolates



1) Making chocolates sounds like the dream job! Besides being a chocolate lover, what inspired you to take this path?

Once the curiosity bug bit me while munching on a Lindt bar, making me wonder what made it different than a Cadbury Five Star bar. Why did Lindt readily melt on my palate as compared to the Five Star? This led me to research into the process of chocolate making and what ingredients go into a bar. I discovered the concept of pure chocolate and that there are a handful of chocolate makers worldwide that make their chocolate from bean to bar. In India, however, the trend was at the start unlike west where the craft chocolate market was fairly saturated. When we started in 2015, we were third in India to have been making chocolate from bean to bar. A lack of quality bean to bar chocolate options made in India, for the well-travelled and exposed Indians, was one of the main inspirations that led me to take this path.


2) Around the world with chocolates… what is your favourite destination in the world for chocolates?

I would definitely say the USA for its eclectic craft chocolate culture. It is where the bean to bar craft chocolate making revolution started. The chocolate makers in the States, started working with cacao beans from different geographical origins such as Guatemala, Peru, Vietnam, Brazil, Belize, India, etc. highlighting the flavour profile of each region. Along with that, USA also has a huge appetite for craft chocolates and hence, the chocolate makers there do not shy away from experimenting with unique flavours, combinations and inclusions.


3) With a background in hospitality, what does luxury mean to you? What are the most important factors that promise the perfect holiday escape?

Luxury to me is indulging yourself in exclusive goods and services, not otherwise accessible to most people. Luxury is priced high for the quality it offers. A perfect holiday escape calls for exclusive privileges for the guest which makes their stay and experience unforgettable and relaxing.


4)What are you biggest indulgences in life, aside from chocolates?

Single malt scotch whisky (Speyside) or a glass of Bordeaux, without a blink. Much like single origin craft chocolate, the single malt scotch only qualifies as one when it has been distilled in a single distillery. Being a trained bartender, I identify my indulgences well.


5) If you were not a chocolate maker, what would you be?

An architect. I was good at technical drawing and enjoyed it in school.


6) 3 things you love about Isprava?

Isprava truly represents the unique niche that it has carved in the luxury homes owning and renting industry. I love the fact that it stands for comfort and sheer exclusivity it offers and the committed sustainability it stands for.