Our favourite tiling styles this year

Stylish tiles


How you lay your tiles and design your flooring play a key role in how you want your room to look and feel. Laying them in the wrong pattern can make your room feel disordered, disrupting the beautiful décor and furniture that surrounds it. Below we take you through our favourite tiling styles that add to the unique design of our luxury holiday homes.


1. Herringbone


Herringbone flooring


This pattern is made up of V-shaped rows of 45-degree angled tiles. There are two main styles when it comes to a herringbone tile design in the home. One option is to lay the tiles on a diagonal. This is the classic herringbone pattern you’ve likely seen in interior design magazines. The other option is to align the tiles in a ninety-degree pattern, giving the space a more modern feel. You can use the exact same tiles for either pattern, it’s simply about creating two different aesthetics and deciding which you prefer. It’s a lively layout and a welcome break from traditional brick-bond or linear patterns. It injects more character into space, and actually has vintage qualities since it’s a layout with its roots in period times! Isprava’s villas for sale in Goa and villas for sale in Coonoor boasts of herringbone floorings in beautiful shades.


2. Marble


Marble flooring


Marble flooring is a classic favourite and often seen as a synonym for elegance and opulence. Marble stone offers the superior appearance and augment the natural beauty of your spaces more as compared to others. Although a heavy stone, marble flooring offers one of the smoothest finishes. It makes the room look simple yet rich.


3. Wood


Wooden flooring


Wooden flooring provides an elegant and nostalgic look that can often dictate the classy atmosphere of a home. They add a cosy, comforting and cottage kind of vibe to the home. Applying wooden flooring to homes built in the colder regions particularly adds a sense of warmth to the home. They may add a vintage, rustic feel to the home or a chic and contemporary look depending on the furniture it is paired with. However, many hardwood floors can be difficult to care for and different stains and finishes may lead to uneven wear.