Elephant décor items for luxury homes

Well designed rooms


While designing a luxury holiday home, it is not only the interior and architecture that speaks of its grandeur, but also the décor items that one sets up. From the colour palette to the curved arches, from the finishing to the upholstery, everything adds to the charm of a luxury home. A luxury home features spacious indoors, manicured lawns, open terraces, elegant bars and kitchenettes, private swimming pools and lots more, just like Isprava’s villas for sale in Goa, villas for sale in Coonoor and villas for sale in Alibaug. There are certain design elements that bring out the best of luxury in homes. These are monumental in size and aim to make a statement.


1. Vintage Piano


Vintage Piano


Nothing spells pure elegance and charm like a vintage piano placed delicately in one of your rooms. Whether it is resting against a wall or placed right in the centre of the room, it is sure to stand out.


2. Chandelier




Did you know, going back years ago, there was actually a time when people would hosts extravagant parties in their homes only to show off their masterpieces of a chandelier? Glass or crystal chandeliers beaming with beautiful shades of light are sure to catch everyone’s eyes.


3. Water fountain


Water fountain


Water fountains make for a great elephant décor item. The sound of water running through the house creates an atmosphere of calm and peace. It brings the gifts of nature inside the home and adds to the appeal of the space.


4. Life-size statues


Life-size statues


Life-size statues & sculptures are actually amazing and spectacular form of fine arts, creative skills and polished work which are always able to touch the high sky of ornamentation and décor in interior spaces as well as at the exteriors. Accommodate them at the spaces which are vacant and starving for real beauty of art and polished skill. Placing of statues and sculptures is an art in itself and it needs a kind of good knowledge to apply on.