How to make your room more tumblr

A uniquely decorated bedroom


With the advancement of technology and digital platforms, it is getting more and easier for people to showcase their bedroom intricacies. You no longer need to be a design expert to get your room looking up and about. The current tumblr trends help make your bedroom look anything from cute and warm to elegant and dramatic. Having a tumblr bedroom allows you to showcase your creativity and attention to detail. Here are some ways you can make your room make more tumblr.

Fairy lights


Fairy lights


The best part about fairy lights is how you can couple them with anything and turn it into the best-looking accessory. Hang them on the wall with pictures, wrap them around an old bottle or stuff them into fluorescent glass bottles, put them on the floor bordering your bed, fairy lights can do it all. These lights play a dual role of creating highlights yet maintaining subtly in the room. They can offer pops of light in the dark or create an atmosphere of dim lighting.






Display of artwork adds soul and muse to the bedroom. It’s almost like displaying little pieces of all your interests and letting them speak for you. You can set up paintings, posters, album covers, crochet patterns, fabric art, etc. to add creativity to your room. You will always find local artwork displayed in Villas in Coonoor and private villas in Goa. This makes taking pictures in these picturesque locations even more beautiful.


Add quotes with personal meaning to your walls


Personal & Meaningful quotes


One decoration trend that has taken off on Tumblr is posting quotes on a bedroom’s wall. These quotes are often sentimental or inspirational, but it’s not impossible to find funny or bizarre wall quotes on Tumblr. To make your room reflect your own personality, choose a quote that’s meaningful or profound to you.






Say bye-bye to that bland boring wall in your bedroom. Tapestries are becoming extremely trendy because they are able to fill a room with fun colours and patterns in minutes.

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