Dining table essentials

Dining table essentials


In today’s fast moving world, one barely has the time to sit down and eat a nice meal. However, those who still look for the finer things in life would know how important it is to get your dining table setting just right. When it comes to hosting, few things impress quite like a formal dinner table—especially when it’s been properly and beautifully set. More importantly, taking the time to set a formal table shows your guests how much you truly care. It is only human to get confused with what utensil goes where and which side must the cutlery be placed. While movies like ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘The Princess Diaries’ may have given us a certain fright about table manners, we are here to simplify things. This tedious looking task is actually quite easy once you’re familiar with the basics.


Fancy cutlery


Begin laying your neatly ironed table runner to establish the center of the table. Place the eating plates at the bottom-most accompanied by a soup bowl on the top. Lay a neatly folded napkin across the bowl or on the space on the plate. Move on to setting up cutlery. Place all forks to the left and the knives and spoons to the right. Place the piece of cutlery which will be used first (e.g. soup spoon) to the innermost side, nearer to the plate. Remember, your knives come before your spoon sitting. To avoid clutter and save your guests the hassle, avoid placing more than 3 instruments on each side. Allow your guests to feel welcomed and comfortable with the set-up of the glasses. Place a glass to drink water on the top right of where each plate is set-up. This will be seconded by a glass for red wine and white wine. Put them up in a triangular shape with your glass of water and white wine standing in a horizontal line while your red glass forms the tip of the mountain for the triangle.


Wine & dine with Isprava


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