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Kid friendly and spacious homes by Isprava


While building a home, we try to put little pieces of ourselves in it. It is important that when at home we must feel the safest and comfortable. Our homes are our safe-havens. They are our reflection, where we unwind from the outside world. Hence, it becomes important that our little ones too get to add a piece of themselves in their home. At Isprava, we understand how important it is to give the little home-owners a space they can call their very own. A home they can feel secure in and at the same time proudly show-off. A home where they have all they need. This is why Isprava builds the most kid-friendly homes.



Spacious bedrooms for kids


The most essential space a kid requires is their own room. At Isprava’s luxury villas for sale in Goa, Alibaug and Coonoor we make their bedroom fun and playful, catering to their childhood needs. The walls are painted in playful colours and patterns. We have homes that have the boys’ room painted blue and the girls’ room painted pink, some other rooms have walls painted with fun patterns or designs like in one of our private villas in Goa, the room wall is dressed with the design of big and green palm leaves, as the home owners child loves the forest. Some other kids’ rooms have low lying beds, for the kids to easily climb. One of Isprava’s luxury holiday homes also features a treehouse which is sure to entice every little kid.


Swimming pool


Safe swimming Pool for the kids


The most exciting thing that a child looks forward to while thinking of their holiday home is a swimming pool. To put on their swim-wear and swimming glasses and dive right into the pool is truly their moment of bliss. Isprava’s luxury private villas in Goa, Alibaug and Coonoor are all built with luscious swimming pools for the little ones to go to jump into some water-fun. We don’t just stop at building the swimming pool; we also throw in some really cool floaties like the big pink flamingo bird or doughnuts. However, before all the fun, comes in the hygiene and safety concerns. Hence, at Isprava we clean our pools every day so the kids enjoy a clean and hygienic swim. At the same time, we have also assured to provide shallow ends to all pools for the safety of the kids.


Games, books and accessories


Games, Books and other toys


All of Isprava’s homes are equipped with a whole new set of games before the kids even step in. Jenga, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, and more. We have a wide range of games placed in the Isprava homes for the kids to never get a reason to be bored. The homes are also decorated with amusing accessories like aeroplanes, ships, compasses, etc. for them to keep imagining and enacting the stories in their heads. The homes are also stocked up with books so that the kids’ never stop learning. The smart TVs are connected to both Netflix and Amazon prime to entertain all kids.


Safety Measures


Safety first


Over all the fun and games come the safety measures for Isprava. We know how important it is to build a safe home for the kids so that the parents too can be stress-free. The homes and swimming pools are kept neat and clean at all times to promote higher levels of hygiene. All electrical sockets are regularly checked to avoid electronic hazards. Sharp objects are kept out of the child’s reach. The walls are painted the best quality paints to avoid any health-related issues.

Isprava is proud to say that our homes are the most kid-friendly and just the right place for your kids to grow up in making memories.

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