Storage Secrets for every home


Nobody likes a cramped home with things scattered all over. To live in a home happily, one wants to enjoy its spacious and open feel. This, however, can quickly turn into sight of disaster with things fallen around. A home must have room for all, the people living in it and their belongings. We have curated a list of all the places that you can turn into storage spaces without having to give up any additional space.





Beds form the best and most efficient storage spaces. The underneath of the bed is commonly used, as they are usually big enough to make enough room for storage. These can be built as simple pull out drawers for easy accessibility. Apart from the underneath, another spot that could be converted into a storing place is the bed headboards. The recent trends showcase elaborate headboards on the bed so why not turn it into a utility? The headboard can store smaller things like accessories.





Tables are another top-pick to accommodate storage spaces. Dining tables, center tables or kitchen tables, all of them make great storage spaces. They could be used to store dining table essentials or kitchen accessories. Hideaway all the mess and scatter in these hidden spots and the guests will never find out what their drinks are resting on.





Bathrooms make for great storage spaces. Areas under the basin can be converted into cabinets where you can store all your bathroom utilities and never run out of toilet paper again. But don’t just stop there; use the backside of your bathroom mirror into a holder or shelf to store other toiletries or bathroom essentials.





Chairs can turn into some really secretive storage spaces in plain sight. Convert your well-cushioned side chairs into mini storage boxes. These can be used to store books and important paperwork. You can even hideaway some thick sweaters and hoodies when the hot summer sun shines again.


Bulky photo-frames



Don’t let photo frames eat up your entire wall space to hang just pictures. Use bulky boxes showcasing pictures on the forefront and hiding your keys or other quick grab and go necessities on the inside.

Combinations of all these storage secrets helps not only store your things, but make additional room. Incorporating the use of multi-purpose furniture at home will take out the mess and add to the home’s efficiency. This will leave you with a neat and tidy home with enough room for everyone and everything.

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