Lohono Stays, where luxury abodes

Luxury is everything


Lohono Stays by Isprava caters to those discerning individuals who prefer the finer things in life. Isprava has always stayed ahead of the curve and this time the story is not any different. Over the last 6 years, Isprava has played a defining role in shaping what the uber-luxury traveller desires on a holiday. With Lohono Stays, Isprava now redefines the way one looks at holidays.


Comfortable and curated services by Lohono stays


Lohono Stays aims to provide its customers with the best that luxury can offer. Whether it is offering truly world-class aesthetics and curated services or appreciating local discoveries, far more than the typical hotel or rented home-stay. Staying with Lohono brings out the true meaning of luxury living. Every Lohono home is handpicked amongst the most beautiful in the world. Extending to you everything you desire and to inspire a new way of travel and living, each home has its own unique story to tell and its myriad experiences to remember. We have paid attention to every last detail: the perfect view, the cosiest spot in the house, the way the floors feel on your feet and the way the natural light shines through.


Spacious and classy Stays


Our service does not only end at providing our guests with a space to stay, we dive deeper into keeping our customers happy and satisfied. We are unique in our offerings, right from the booking process until even after departure. Lohono has adopted the best of technology to give our customers a hassle-free booking experience. Apart from this, our executives are always available to provide our customers with the most prompt services. The booking process is simple and easy, and we assure to provide our customers with the most honest advice, offerings and help to avoid any inconveniences. After all, nothing spells luxury better than simplicity and honesty. Furthermore, Lohono makes a genuine effort to give its customers the most comfortable, appealing and refreshing stays. Every Lohono home is well-equipped with the finest and advanced utilities and technical appliances along with world class amenities. We love to adore our holiday home customers. Isprava has a wide range of bespoke homes and luxury villas for rent in Goa, Coonoor, Alibaug, Lonavala, Khandala and other pristine destinations for our customers to choose from. We not only provide them with a space to stay, but instead curate an entire experience of luxe, pleasure and refreshment. From airport pick up and drop, from making restaurant reservations to in house chefs cooking delicious meals, from organising yoga classes in the backyard to organising blissful retreats, from board games to swimming pool accessories, an Isprava luxury holiday home is equipped with it all. Our customers are spoilt by the warmth of a team that is thoughtful and thorough in its detail. We promise intuitive hospitality, total loving care and a friendly environment. We strive to make our customers feel extra special with everything that we do. We love to wrap them in luxury and adorn them with pampering.


Relax by the Pool


Lohono Stays by Isprava has been created to craft contemporary, luxury vacations for the discerning traveller. [low-hoe-noh] derived from the Hawaiin word “lono” which has associations with peace, music and relaxation. Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting on a beach front with the music of the ocean in your ears and the wind in your hair. Think of laying back on a sun deck by the sea shore and sipping on a cocktail as you watch a rainbow painted sky lowering the serene sun. Add a foot or back rub to that image with some juicy steak being barbecued on the side. This is what the Lohono life looks like, where luxury abodes.