Things to do in Goa in August

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Although August is the peak month of Goan monsoons, there is still minimal rain that prevails there during this month. If you are someone who is looking to find a balance between gloomy and sunny and wants to relax just as much as you want to head out, then Goa in August is absolutely ideal for you. Our luxury private villas set the tone for a vacation that is just as much about indoors than it is about outdoors. Here is a rundown of things to do in Goa in August.


Revel in the beauty

Goa is one of the greenest parts of India, and it glows otherworldly during the rains. It is the best time to soak in the beauty that the greenery, palm trees, ponds, lakes, and rest of the city exhibit. Long strolls on sandy beaches under gentle showers and cool breeze accompany you for a splendid experience in monsoon.


Monsoon Trek

One way to revel in the natural charm of Goa in its most beautiful form is to go on a hiking trail to one of the most popular spots. The hills of the Western Ghats are suitable for these hikes and treks where greenery marks every corner that you see. These adventurous escapades are more conducive in the latter half of the month when the rainfall is minimal.


Celebrate World Goa Day

20th of August every year is celebrated as the World Goa Day, when all the Goans from across the world gather here to celebrate their origin. This is held with some pomp and joyous activities in a true Goan style. Dances, music, food, traditions, and everything that makes them so unique, is celebrated with pride and enthusiasm.


Attend the Patolleanchem Feast

Another Goa-centric celebration that is held in the month of August is celebrated is the Patolleanchem Feast, which is also the Independence Day. This festival commemorates the rich cuisine and culture of the coastal land and is held every year on the 15th of August.

What make visits to Goa in August truly exuberant and memorable are our villas for rent in Goa and beach side villas for sale in Goa. They are designed in ways that make your stay and experience comfortable, luxurious, and truly grand.

Picture Courtesy: TripSavvy, Youth Hostels and Thalassa.