The Pros and Cons of Visiting Goa During the Monsoon


Isprava builds luxury holiday homes in Goa and the Nilgiris, with Goa being our first home and destination. It is likely that we are very partial to Goa because we find ourselves in the city at least once or twice a month, rain or shine. Although Goa is famed for its sandy beaches, pulsating nightlife and laid-back vibe, it does become much quieter during the rainy season. And though we do believe that Goa is the perfect holiday destination 365 days a year, we wanted to give you an objective view of the pros and cons of visiting Goa during the months of July to September.

The monsoon in Goa is fierce, with torrential rains and cool breezes permeating the atmosphere for three months of the year. The coast line which is usually bustling with tourists shuts down and beachside resorts and shacks shutter their windows and often dismantle beachside fabrications till the rain subsides. Swimming is not advisable at this time as the waves are extremely high and the rain makes it difficult to see very far. The humidity stays high while the temperatures peak at about 34 degrees Celsius and go down to 22 at night. Most people tend to visit Goa during the winter time when it’s sunny all day and restaurants and bars are filled to the brim. We actually prefer Goa during the monsoon. The quiet, languid days and the burst of greenery, flora and fauna that you will miss at any other time of the year.

Most schools have holidays during the summertime which is why you will find families renting out our luxury villas to spend quality time with each other. This is also when you will find a lot of tourists who prefer holidays off the beaten track visiting Goa. Over the past few years there has been a rise in the number of yoga and Ayurvedic schools and spas which offer lower rates during the monsoon. A big pro of Goa during the monsoon is that everything is much cheaper, whether this means hotels, restaurants, villa rentals, flights or shops.

A few years ago, Goa would all but close down during the monsoon however these days there are more than a handful of restaurants and bars that remain open all year around. This clearly means that there are enough visitors to keep these places running. The Goan government has also been pushing this idea of Goa during the monsoon and promotes activities like visiting national parks and nature reserves, white water rafting on the Mandovi river and visiting waterfalls and spice plantations.

If you dislike the rain, then Goa may not suit you during the monsoon however when you spend those melancholy days watching the rain fall from the comfort of your own Isprava villa or rental, you are transported to a simpler time. Each of our villas have large sit-out areas and patios so that you can enjoy the monsoon while staying dry. This isn’t to say that it rains 24 hours a day, you will get bursts of sunshine and respite when you can jump in the pool and hang out in the landscaped gardens. We did promise you an unbiased view but apart from the fact that there is quite a lot of rain, we can’t think of any other con for visiting Goa during the monsoon!