June festivities in Goa


Most of Goa in June would be enveloped in moist green; the beaches will be damp and dusty, and the weather may not be the best to engage in water sports activities. However, what this beach paradise offers during these wet months fairly compensates for the all, that is not accessible because of rains. There are swims under the natural showers, long strolls along the beach with stunning views of the sky, and a sense of unparalleled peace. And above everything, there are these cultural festivals that take place in Goa. Here is an insight into these fests for you!


Sao Joao

Sao Joao

Dating back 150 years, the Sao Joao festival is a very important part of the Goan culture and the Christian tradition. More importantly, it is a prominent part of the Portuguese culture of Goa. It commemorates the birth of Jesus with all pomp and traditions while also paying homage to Saint John the Baptist. It also carries the synonym of The Feast of St John, with an accompanying legend associated with it. According to the Christian scripture, St John leapt in his mother, Elizabeth’s womb when she was informed about the news of Jesus’s birth by Mother Mary. Later, he went on to baptize Jesus in the Jordan River.

Marked by dancing, singing, vibrancy, pomp and show, this festival is no less than a carnival. The festival is celebrated in the monsoon months across Goa, but it is celebrated with an enhanced zest in North Goa. It involves decorated boats and people dressed in colourful clothes and headgears. There are parades and men jumping into the wells with joy. Held on the 24th of June, Sao Joao festival is a must-visit, to say the least.



fishermen of Goa

A festival celebrated by the fishermen of Goa, Sangodd is also known as the annual feast of St Peter and St Paul. Held on the 29th of June, the festival is a tribute to the two pillars of Christianity, who it is named after. It primarily involves the fishing community joining boats to form floating stages where dramas and another kind of entertainment ensues.

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Picture courtesy: Gypsy Couple, Culturama and Go Goa now.